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Kidd Skilly - Undercover Superstar - 'WITNIS the MUSIC' - Episode Three

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Here is the penultimate episode of 'WITNIS the Music' from US artist Kidd Skilly.

Kidd Skilly expresses his love for music and his dedication and drive to be followed by others. He says "if I can get young kids to follow their dreams right now, and do it in the future, then I've done my job". Skilly wants to be an inspirational figure to the younger generation and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

Skilly explains that when he is no longer here, "there is going to be a void", and in the track he says "he got a story you should listen cause one day you gonna miss him when he no longer sitting reminiscing about them times that made you laugh...". Skilly lives 'like everyday is his last' and hopes to continue to make great inspirational music.

Continuing on the theme of giving and inspiring, a portion of proceeds from pre-sales of the 'Undercover Superstar' mix tape will be going to The World Foundation for Music and Healing Through this Kidd Skilly and the WINTIS Project hope to help those less fortunate follow their dreams and realise their superstar potential. The charity provides music education, cultural programming and creative arts experience for children, teens, families and groups recovering from trauma or loss.

'Undercover Superstar' is available to pre-order now from & and will be released on 11th September 2008.

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