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Kidd Skilly - Undercover Superstar - "Witnis the Music" - Episode One

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US Hip Hop artist Kidd Skilly, gives us an insight into his lyrics through a series of mini episodes. The episodes will see him dissect the title track off his upcoming mix-tape.

Episode one sees him giving us a run down of the first few lines of 'Undercover Superstar' and why he had to do his own spin on it. "When I heard this song I was like wow, this song really talks to me, especially with my position right now within the South Asian Music scene" he says of Lupe's original.

Delving deeper into the meaning behind his version of the song, Skilly reveals his troubled youth and his thoughts on the restrictions South Asians place on themselves. In the track he says 'I free them folks that reside on reservations' and strongly believes that as a community we create our own restrictions and that we "forget about our dreams and desires".

The episodes will see this Hip Hop artist demonstrating his lyrical talent and effortless flow, giving fans a real opportunity to hear what is on the mind of this Undercover Superstar!

The 'Undercover Superstar' mix-tape will be available for download from 11th September from & . Available to pre-order now.

Watch out for the next episode?