Jazzy B - Rambo (OUT NOW!)

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 Its Coming!...The brand new album by Jazzy B is all but ready to be released worldwide! Titled 'Rambo' and produced by the Music Man Sukshinder Shinda, the album promises to take Jazzy B to new heights after the massive worldwide sucess of Romeo nearly 4 years ago.

Rambo will be released worldwide; UK (Moviebox), Canada (Planet Recordz) & India (Speed Records).

The album is set for a Summer 2008 release...Are you ready?  ..

Track Listing

1. (Intro)Suited & Booted

2. I Love You

3. Glassy

4. Gaddi

5. Dilla Nu

6. Jadu

7. Jawani

8. Dilbar Jani

9. Rambo

10. Jatt

11. Ashiq

Jazzy B - Rambo (Video Promo/Trailer)



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+3 #200 ravindersingh 2009-12-29 22:29
hey ... jazzy b Rocks.... punjabian di hogi balle balle....
bhangra is da best
+3 #199 bhangra is da best 2009-10-11 01:13
hez sik man i jus love rambo and his daugter and son is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee!!!!
aditya janorkar
-2 #198 aditya janorkar rambo ramboaditya janorkar 2009-01-30 09:18
It\'s too much......... :!:

JAZZY\'s Rambo is not at all good.

-4 #197 Guest 2009-01-30 09:16
-3 #196 :p 2009-01-02 15:26
hmmm... he thinks a bit 2 highly of himself, \'rambo rambo\' and the guy don\'t even have muscles :D

But truthfully a few good tunes on there, but the rest are just being cocky, and why on every video does he have a girl who is like a foot taller then him? :|
+2 #195 Sanjay 2008-11-01 17:35
It\'s actually not that bad of a CD... if u pay attention to the lyrics, you will like it! I used to hate it when it first came out, but when I gave it a proper listen, I was like \"THIS IS AWSUM!\" :D
-3 #194 Chocaholic 2008-10-05 22:01
Rambo is a crap tune mann who da hell made it up??? n wer did dat \'rude boi\' wna b come frm? Glassi is da onli descent trak on da bladdi album!!!!
0 #193 Guest 2008-10-02 15:52
:D :lol: :angry: :o :confused: :cheer: B) :kiss: :dry: :evil: :silly: B) B) B) :kiss: :arrow: :-?: :-?: :whistle: ;-) :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x
+1 #192 Guest 2008-09-11 17:24
love it but not Judu
0 #191 kiki 2008-09-06 18:19
jazzy iz ssssssssoooo fit
hiz trak i love you iz da best
itz better dan all hiz uther songz
0 #190 Sukh 2008-08-23 18:08
Good to hear that! Rambo is easily the best release of the year, top top quality album.. So I was right eh :cheer:
0 #189 supersinghGuest 2008-08-23 17:50
okay when i first got the album i was like \"what a load of gandh\" and nothing really stood out. NOW i love the whole album so i was wrong. This is by far the best bhangra release for a while, definitely this year anyway.
0 #188 Guest 2008-08-12 09:33
you should post that in the review
Music Critic
0 #187 Music Critic 2008-08-12 05:26
I have to admit the album is very good. All tracks on it are original and have unique music.

The funny thing is that lots of people say its crap yet they admit that there are 2 or 3 good tracks on it. When you read this forum and look at what tracks they think are good, it will amaze you at the different tracks people choose.

This is actually quite interesting as people choose completely different tracks which reflects their personal taste in music.

For example the \'hardcore\' bhangra tracks could be considered Jawani, Jatt or Glassi.

For the traditionalist the meaningful and deep lyrics of Jadu, Dilbar Jani would be the best.

For someone that is tired of listening to the same tunes over and over again in the bhangra industry, they would probably like Dilla Nu or I love U.

Gaddi and Ashiq which both have good lyrics and different music might bring in their own crowd.

And of course for the Indian Asiiqs (especially in Chandigarh) inspiring to become more western would be Rambo.

So the thing about Jazzy is that he tries to incorporate all types of different music and lyrics into his album so that ALL his fans are pleased.

So naturally if some tracks you believe to be \'bakwaas\' would mean that the track is just not your type and theres no point in bringing down Jazzy for releasing a song that you do not like (whereas others might love it and consider it the best in the album).

Whoa, this seems long. I just had to comment though after looking at the discussions, so hopefully no hard feelings from someone about my personal observation.

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