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Major Sandhu – Kauman, The Nation


After a successful TV career Major Sandhu has returned to his musical roots with a brand new 8 track album. More commonly known as ‘Munda Southall Da’, Major Sandhu developed his own large fan following via SKY TV and his show on Venus &  MATV titled ‘Munda Southall Da’ attracting a massive fan base  all across Europe. He is now to be found on DD India or DD Rayat TV - (Sky Channel No. 833) on ‘A Show with Major Sandhu’.

Described by many as one of the more colourful characters Major Sandhu’s unique style of presentation should not be misinterpreted. “Kauman” is an album that promises to bring forward Major Sandhus strong beliefs and moral values.

Having already set up his non profit organisation titled ‘Munda Southall Da International’ which proudly states its aims as trying to promote our Punjabi virsa and the Punjabi language worldwide. Major Sandhu now returns with a compelling new album that aims to spread a very positive message.

“Kauman” roughly translated as ‘Nation’ sees Major Sandhu on powerful and inspiring songs such as ‘Pag Di Shaan’ & ‘Janam Din Khalse Da’. Continuing on from the Munda Southall Da Organisation, “Kauman” promises to promote the positive aspects of Punjabi culture and its rich heritage and history.

Whatever misconceptions you had over Major Sandhu previously should be washed away as his tireless pursuit of promoting Punjabi Virsa promises to be his most innovative yet. With inspiring lyrics written by Major Sandhu himself, “Kauman” will no doubt set the ball rolling for future projects that intend to promote Punjabi culture worldwide.

Major Sandhu’s – Kauman will be releasing Worldwide 9th April on the Airex label.


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