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Xplicit Desi Vibes Releases "Urban Desi" Mixtape


Xplicit Desi Vibes Releases "Urban Desi" Mixtape

Please click HERE to download mixtape & HERE for the bonus mixtape! 

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: "Urban Desi" released on Thursday, March 27th, 2008 – within 24 hours of release there have been a recorded 15,000+ downloads!

Xplicit Desi Vibes started 2008 off with a bang as they released "We Bringin' The Desi Remix" and DJ India's debut mixtape, "Reppin' 504." Now the amazing duo behind Xplicit Desi VibesDJ Desiplaya & DJ P – have outdone themselves once again, officially releasing their 2-disc mixtape, "Urban Desi," featuring the hottest mixes by these two musical sensations!


Xplicit Desi Vibes has worked hard in order to create their name and with each new mixtape release, they keep surpassing their creative talents – with an outrageous 15,000 downloads within the first week of release! Since their initial mixtape, "The Black and White Album," DJ Desiplaya & Dj P created such a major hype for the XDV label and eventually picked up East Coast rocker DJ Mashup & Dirty South wonder DJ India to join the team!


"Urban Desi" is a double-disc download, featuring amazing mixes by DJ Desiplaya & DJ P such as: "Ni Nachle Remix (djP Feat. Imran Khan)," "Crank Dat Remix (djP Feat. Soulja Boy)," "Race Saanson Ki Remix (Dj Desiplaya feat. Rihanna)," and two amazing "Ride It" remixes, one produced by DJ Desiplaya & DJ P. But that's not all! The second CD features special releases by DJ Mashup & DJ India, as well as, two amazing tracks by rappers Ajaxxx & Kaly who will be featured on "The International Idol" – the debut album for DJ Desiplaya.


Forthcoming Releases:

Bombay Beats (June 6th, 2008)

Desi Rhythm (October 10th, 2008)
The International Idol (DJ Desiplaya Debut Album)

Please click HERE to download mixtape & HERE for the bonus mixtape!


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