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Babbu Gill - Dance With Me (Exclusive Promos)


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A2Z Records Proudly Presents The Brand new Album By Babbu Gill DANCE WITH ME. Featuring 8 Rocking tunes and 2 High Quality videos.

Music is by Well known Pavneet Birgi Based in UK. Who Has Deliver his Music On Many Hit albums in India and Worldwide. The lyrics of the songs are written by the one and only RAJ KAKRA. Who is known for Writing Such famous tracks like DILDARIYAN, Tara And many more

The Album will be out On 3rd of March in all good music shops on A2Z Records. For more info Please Visit

Babbu Gill is well trained Punjabi artist and well famous in india and canada for his talent. But this year signed up by A2Z he is ready to storm uk with his album.

This is 2nd solo album in his carreer. Babbu Gill is a official artist of A2Z RECORDS. Watch This Space..3rd of March 2008 A2Z RECORDS

Singer Babbu Gill

Music Directer Pavneet Birgi (UK)

Label A2Z Records

Releasing 03/03/2008

Songs Lyrics

1 .Bazzi (Raj Kakra)

2 .Kudi (Kaka Puranvi)

3 .Rumaal (Raj Kakra)

4 .Panjeban (Raj Kakra)

5 .Phulkari (Jind Swara)

6 .Aitbaar (Raj Kakra)

7 .Challa (Preet Khetla)

8. Charkha (Raj Kakra)


Words From Babbu Gill

Carreer: I started my carreer from my school days. I have participated a lot of cultural programs in my college life. I was the captain of my college Bhangra Team. My team won a lot of prizes at Interversity level. My first album "Naag Ishq Da" was realesed in May 2002 with my family's great support. I think "Which I am, is my parents gift to me and what I will become, that will be my gift to them". My main strength is the spirit of learning everything very soon. I did never go to learn about the music to anywhere, the talent I have, is GOD gifted. I have no problem to sing any type of good songs, it has no matter the song is Punjabi,Folk,POP, Hindi etc. I am still looking for the proper platform, at where I can perform my best with the ideal people and good respected company, so that I can justify the talent gifted by GOD.

I am very thankful to both my sisters, mother,father,friends and the audiances, who inspire me to chosse singing as my carreer.


Babbu Gill