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The JACKAL - Still Blazin’... (Out Soon)


The brand new album from The Bad Boy Jackal featuring the Hypnotize Crew, Adil Hashmi and JDaCosta featuring 10 new banging tracks to suit all moods from the rampant party animal to the maturer homely type person.  OUT 1st March 2008

All songs have been written composed and produced in-house proving UK talent is thriving by the day. From the mix and blends of `still blazin’ the title song featuring all eight artists from the album to the smooth rnb twists of `Maaria’ ,`Yaad’ and the crunk sensation of `Shake’ just shows some of the unique styles and innovatative production skills which has been put in into the album to make the musical journey track by track simply amazing...

A must listen from start to finish. - Promos Coming Soon

- Track Listing -

1. Still Blazin' 2. Jaaneman 3. Majik Touch 4. Pitstop Desi Mix 5. Maaria 6. Shake (Get Naughty) 7. Cruisin' 8. All Alone 9. Yaad 10. Pitstop (Original Mix) 11-Still Blazin' Radio Edit

12-Still Blazin' Instrumental