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Desi Dark Child - Curfew [Promos]

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desi dark child
Nachural announce the new album by Desi Dark Child!
Desi Dark Child - Curfew is OUT NOW!!

Nachural records are very pleased to announce the new debut album release of this year by Desi Dark Child called CURFEW in September 06. We as a label have stepped up the tempo of the roster of talented artists that are signed to the Nachural camp. Desi Dark Child is one of many prime examples on Nachural`s label. We feel Desi Dark Child has major potential to represent good quality folk urban music. Desi Dark Child will hopefully put quality music back into the industry.

 R. Jassal aka Desi Dark Child

 R. Jassal “I am very pleased that finally we are moving and grooving and managed to agree a date. I now feel we will be able to show all the world what desi folk music is about with proper analog sounds, as they used to be back in the early Bhangra era. We are very pleased to announce the completion of the album. I am very grateful that Nachural Record who is taking part in promoting this album will ensure it filters throughout the world to wider audiences. I feel no one better then Nachural records can do this. Desi Dark Child as new comers hopes to rock the world with classic anthems that will bring back memories to all ages”.

There are fourteen tracks on the album featuring folk Punjab legends like Asa Singh Mastana & Surinder Kaur, K Deep & Jagmohan Kaur, Didar Sandhu & Sanek Lata & also UK new singers P Supra, S Roudh, S Jassal & D Mall. Desi Dark Child officially will be launching the new website soon that will cater for people who want to produce there won tracks that will have exclusive tracks and other breaks, so watch out for the anthems of Punjab on the album CURFEW what will be out in 2006


01. Johri - Didar Sandhu & Sanek Lata
02. Prandi - Pally Supra
03. Pardes - Sukhi Roudh
04. Ikk Dholki - K Deep & Jagmohan Kaur
05. Nach - Salag Jassal
06. Dil Da - Prem Chamkila
07. Born Punjabi - Dalvir Mall
08. Loor Nee - Sukhi Roudh
09. Pullgee - Pally Supra
10. Akk Nal Akk - Sukhi Roudh
11. Glass - Pally Supra
12. Lak Hiller - Late Surinder Kaur & Asa Singh Mastana
13. Yarro - Pally Supra
14. Memories - Sukhi Roudh
15. Outro - Desi Dark Child

Desi Dark Child - Curfew will be releasing in 2006 on Nachural Records 

For further info contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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