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Taj E - Blood, Sweat & Tears [Promos]



Look Who’s Back – The Sound Pipe Records to Release the
Highly Anticipated Follow-up Album "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by
Taj-E out NOW!

The Sound Pipe Records announces the
upcoming release of ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears,’ the album by Asian Urban
producer Taj-E due in December 2006. ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ follows on from
Taj-E’s smash hit debut release ‘LOOKagain’ and contains 9 original bassthumping
laced with electro-synth sound, hip-hop bass-lines, and
distinctive Punjabi Folk rhythms. The huge international success of the track
‘Rann Botal Wargi’ featuring Mukki-G off the debut album ‘LOOKagain’ proved
Taj-E has got what it takes to succeed in the industry and the ability to make an
impact with Desi music like no other.


After a whirlwind international tour and a major stint DJ-ing at the hottest parties
in town, Taj-E began production on the album earlier this year and, indeed, the
work involved in its creation is truly a culmination of the young artist’s ‘Blood,
Sweat & Tears’. As Taj-E explains, “I feel the title of my work epitomises the
dedication and energy I have placed in bringing it into being. I strive to achieve a
level of perfection that I’m happy with, so I am constantly picking my work to
pieces and rebuilding until I have something that I’m feeling. My work is personal
to me so I give it my all.”

‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ features the vocals of Gursewak Mann, BEE2, D. Arry and
Mukki-G. The 10-track album has the distinctive Taj-E signature sound of raw
Tumbi soundbytes coupled with funky beats as characterised by the track
‘Gitiyan’. However, Taj-E branches into ballad territory with the dramatic
orchestra sound of ‘Sajna’, a track that is guaranteed to demonstrate Taj-E’s
versatility as a producer and music director. ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ cements Taj-
E’s position as one of the most freshest and innovative Asian Urban and Bhangra
producers of the moment.

1. Gitiyan
2. Aja Ni Rakane
3. Jattan Ne Daaru
4. Sajna
5. Jatta
6. Tenu Vekkhe
7. Dhol Vajda
8. Sajawan
9. Jaan
10. Rann Bottal (Club Mix)

Taj E - Blood Sweat & Tears IS OUT NOW!