ADH - Never Look Back [Promos]

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 The third solo release from UK Born vocalist ADH, set to release on the MovieBox label in November.

This 8 track album features production from Bhota & Bally Jagpal, N-ZO Productions, Groove Productions & Project Asia.

There will be 3 videos for this album, 2 will be produced by Street life productions who have also done the video to the smash hit track 'Oh Na Kuri Labdi' by Shinda & Jazzy B.

The other video will be done by Ballistic, who are behind some of the top UK Bhangra videos in recent times.

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ADH - Never Look Back is OUT NOW, on the MovieBox label 


1. Poolgaye

2. Ranjha

3. Majajne

4. Gabroo

5. Dil De Rani

6. Akhian

7. Ranjha (Desi Mix)

8. Daardi

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