Inderjit Nikku - Mere Yaar Beli (Out Now)

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Punjabi singer Inderjit Nikku, who is known for his unique vocals, style of dancing and style of his Pagg (turban), releases his next single entitled 'Mere Yaar Beli' with music record label T-series.

The lyrics are penned by Matt Sheron Wala and music by Kuwar Virk.

He is well known for his bhangra tracks such as 'Desi Bande' and 'Singh is King.'

However he is also deeply connected with his Punjabi roots and has sung many religious tracks such as 'Sahibzadean Da Viah.'

Not only is he a singer, he has acted and made special appearances in Punjabi films such as in 'Tera Mera Ki Rishta' for the song 'Raunak Shaunak' alongside many other artists.

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0 #1 Inderjit Nikku - Mere Yaar Beli (Out Now)Nicky 2017-05-26 13:32
All sound the same these days, its getting boring nothing wow these days

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