Geeta Zaildar - Pekkean Di Bus (Out Now)

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Geeta Zaildar releases his new single 'Pekkean Di Bus' featuring music from Gold E Gill and lyrics from Hammy Kahlon.

Geeta has been continuing to release music very frequently with tracks such as Snapchat, Desi Gedi Route, Makki Diya Rotiya and Chattri the past 4-5 months. Geeta Zaildar is most known worldwide for his track Kanniyan (Chitte Suit) and the track Seeti which he collaborated on with the Queen of Duets Miss Pooja.

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BritAsia TV which was set up by both brothers and owners of the channel Mr Jasvinder Singh Bal and Mr Davinder Singh Bal have sold the channel to the Shergill Family.

Ofcom have removed Mr Jasvinder Singh Bal as licensee as of April 2017.

The Shergill Family are now the new, current and proud owners of BritAsiaTV.

Bal and Shergill Family yet to comment as to why the channel was sold!


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+1 #1 Geeta Zaildar - Pekkean Di Bus (Out Now)Bennie 2017-04-08 16:13
Hmm not feeling this track from him :/

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