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Premi Johal - Balle Oye Punjabiyo (Out Now)


Out Now is the latest track titled Balle Oye Punjabiyo by King of Stage Premi Johal.


Premi an iconic singer from the 80’s with various hits such as Tina Oh Tina, which even after 25 years of the release still sounds refreshing and is played today.

Premi is one of the original singers from the 80’s, this is when Bhangra music emerged in England and live bands and singing was pinnacle of Bhangra music in the UK.

Due to the demand of live singers, they soon began to create their own brand identity. Premi is known to wear a band around his forehead and his dance acts too. Premi became in demand to perform at weddings and world tours.

He has played a vital part in the UK Bhangra scene.

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