Gitaz Bindrakhia - Sat Rang Da Dupatta (Out Now)

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Gitaz Bindrakhia son of the legendary Surjit Bindrakhia has announced that his next single that he will be release will be titled 'Sat Rang Da Dupatta' featuring Bunty Bains.

The title sounds very familar to his late father's 'Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da' track which is one of the most famous tracks to ever come out of the Punjabi music industry. This track features lyrics written and composed by Bunty Bains with music being produced by the very popular Desi Crew.

Gitaz has had a couple released this year including the popular 'Pasand Jatt Di' and 'Raub Jatti Da'. We look forward to seeing what Bindrakhia will come up with next!

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