Resham Singh Anmol ft. Desi Crew - Tere Pind (Out Now)

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After the success of 'Chete Karda,' 'Rahu Ketu' and 'Saroor' Resham Singh Anmol is set to release his next track entitled 'Tere Pind' with lyrics by Narinder Batth and music by Desi Crew.

This year he has been busy with international tours and undoubtedly will be having many more tours in the near future.

Rupinder Rainer had the privilege to talk to Resham Singh Anmol and ask him about his new single 'Tere Pind.'

Resham said 'The storyline is based around a love story however it has been portrayed in a different way compared to the songs i have released in the past.'

At this point i was eager to know the storyline of how this love story was portrayed differently.

'It is based around a boy who rented his girlfriend's father's land. However instead of working on the land he goes and sees his girlfriend.

After a while the boys father starts to realise he is occurring losses on the land. The father discusses with his son that they may not be able to rent the land any longer. As you may have guessed the son was very upset by hearing this and decided from there on he will work very hard. He starts to put 100% effort on the land so he can see his girlfriend. After which he starts making a profit.'

In everyday life we all face challenges whether its at work or at home. I asked Resham whether there were any challenges he or the team faced?

'The main challenge the team faced was the tractor in the video. There is limited stock of the tractor we used as it is around 60/70 years old. After a lot of hard work and research we found one about 300 miles away in Rajasthan. Attached to the tractor is a 32ft trolley. We modernised the tractor by adding woofers, LED lights and other customised items which you will be able to see when you watch the video. I don't want to give too much away.'

After a successful 2016, you must be wondering what will he be bringing in 2017?

'Next year I will be releasing my album 'Urban Desi.' 'Tere Pind' is a song which will be included in the album. And a few weeks ago I released 'Saroor' which has been very successful and will also be part of the album.'

He also had a message for all his fans...

'I would like to thank all my fans for their continuous support throughout the years because without your support I wouldn't be where I am today.'

Watch the video to the track 'Rahu Ketu' with music once again by Desi Crew - below in the meantime!

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