Diljit Dosanjh - Laembadgini (Out Now)

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Last month Diljit Dosanjh announced that he would be releasing a Bhangra track in December... is 'Laembadgini' the track he is referring to? We will have to wait and see what Diljit comes out with.

Diljit is one of the top artists in the Punjabi music industry and is on top of the charts every single time he releases a new track. He had very successful tracks in the last year including 'Panj Taara', 'Mitran Da Junction' and 'Pappleen' with the latter 2 being featured in the Punjabi film Sardaarji 2 which was the sequel to the first movie that was released in 2015.

Not only is Diljit one of the biggest singers in the industry he is also one of the largest actors in Pollywood being in featured in many films yearly. He was the star of the film 'Udta Punjab' which showcased the drug problem in Punjab, India and he fit the role perfectly.

As always we always look forward to Diljit Dosanjh records, so this should be no surprise when it becomes a top track in the industry once again.

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