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Exclusive 'SardarJi' Interview with Neeru Bajwa!

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Once again Kulwinder caught up with Neeru Bajwa the Queen of Pollywood about her latest film Sardar Ji alongside Diljit Dosanjh and Mandy Thaker.



Hey Neeru, you have done many films of different genres but this is the first time you will be appearing in a fantasy genre. How has the experience been?


Hey, the experience was amazing, challenging and exciting. Doing something genuinely different is always fun. Had a blast! 


You have again worked alongside Diljit how was it this time round?


Working with Diljit is always a delight... We just know each other very well; play off each other's performance. He can tell if I am being fake and vice versa. We never discuss our scenes, magic just happens. (Read Here what Diljit had to say!)




This was your first time working with Mandy, what was that like?


Mandy is a sweet heart and a friend I was happy that she was in the film.  She has done a wonderful job, so proud of her. (Read Here what Mandy had to say!)


Tell us about the character you play in Sardar Ji?


Pinky is the name of my character and I play the character of a ghost, who is still around to venge her death. She was once a dancer but now a churail.


Are you and the character you play in Sardar Ji similar?


The only similarity is that we are very passionate about our work . 


Who is the audience for the film?


Everyone :) 


Do you feel Punjabi cinema is ready to embrace the fantasy genre?


I do ... I think the audience is ready for new stories. 


Why do you feel it has taken a long time for Pollywood to make films on a new level such as Sardar Ji.


It's a fairly new industry, about 10 years old. It has re-started from scratch; I think we are moving quite fast it is great to look back and see the success of our industry. 


Lastly, message to the fans?


I wish you all happiness and love and feel truly blessed that you all love me so much. I am because of you. Keep supporting xx


Thank you and wish all the best from SimplyBhangra!

Interview done by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

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