Mandy and Diljit being the hot new pairing of Punjabi Cinema!

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Kulwinder caught up with the bubbly Mandy Thaker who spoke about her latest film Sardar Ji and the importance of social media!

Hey Mandy, How are you doing?

Hey I am well and very excited.

I wish you all the best in your upcoming film; do tell us about your character?

Thank you, the character I play is Jasmin Kaur. She is a born and bred girl from England, which is something I can relate too. Being British and the mannerisms is what Jasmin and I have in common.

The role was challenging as Jasmin has experienced a lot of things which I have not therefore doing this role was very interesting and different. However apart from that the director was looking for someone who was a UK born and bred which was something I could deliver.

I have seen you appear on periscope promoting alongside Diljit who is a constant user of social networks. Will you decide to use periscope to connect with fans? Also do you feel social networks help entice the audience?

Before I met Diljit I did not see the fuss of social sites. However when I was with Diljit during the shooting I found that it is very important and very useful. I can see how it makes a difference, how the artist can connect with their fans, access their comments, review and evaluate.

Since being with Diljit and seeing him use it I am now more active on my Instagram.  But I had no idea that Diljit was recording me on Periscope during the promotions! I will have to find out what that is and its use!

This is your first time working alongside Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, how was the experience?

I have wanted to work with all of them for quite a while. However I never thought that I would work with all of them in one go. I am so glad to be associated with WhiteHill Productions it cannot get any bigger than that, the whole team has been superb.

It has been a big step for me to work with such big artists, I find myself blessed and lucky.

How do you select projects?

The subject has to be great, the star cast, the production the quality are factors that I have to think about. However the main key is the execution, it has to have a great execution otherwise for me it is pointless.

Are you trained in acting?

I have done a few courses here and there but I have always been passionate in acting and was drawn towards it from a young age. I moved to India in 2009 and that is when I got my first movie.

How long did it take to make the film?

1 years including post and production


How are you feeling about the release of the first Punjabi fantasy film?

I am very very excited!! I hope it is accepted. We really want to take cinema to a global level!

How was it shooting in England?

It is always great coming home and shooting.

What are your thoughts on Punjabi cinema?

I just love how Whitehill productions like to try new things and I am just so glad to be a part of something new in the industry. It is great to take challenges so that Punjabi cinema can grow.

You have worked in Hindi and Tamil films as well, how different are the industries compared to Pollywood?

Well I came to Mumbai first. I will always take pride in anything relating to the Punjabi culture and I will certainly not give up the Punjabi cinema. But I will be selected in who I associate myself with.

Message to the readers of

Please go and watch Sardar Ji we really need all the support and only the fans can help take the Punjabi cinema to the next level. The film is packed of entertainment, emotions and love. Thank you for all your love and, keep up the good work supporting us x

Thank you

Interviewed by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

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