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Exclusive Aman Sandhu Interview

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Trisha Arora caught up with Aman Sandhu who is an extremely humble and versatile Punjabi singer set on making his mark on the Canadian Bhangra scene. 

He started off with his tracks 'Bhulgi' and 'Dream Girl' and now, he's ready for the next step, his first album!

While keeping his role models Sardool Sikander, Kuldeep Manak, Mohamed Rafi, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Kaka Bhaniawala in mind, Aman sets off to show the world how truly passionate he is about what his music. 

This is his first album entitled '2 FINGERS 2 THE GAME' with E=MC. The album includes 9 different types of tracks and the first is called RECORD, which is purely a Desi Bhangra track.

How did you start singing?

I started singing at a young age. I used to play the harmonium and singing prayers in my school days. I was a lead singer at that time guiding my fellow classmates. Also, I was always interested taking part in different events and competitions. I took it as a profession while I was getting my Bachelor's degree at SD College, Chandigarh. There was a talent hunt competition at the youth festival on campus and I got selected and my friends encouraged me to learn music more seriously.

Then after some words of encouragement I finally I started taking it more seriously and worked on my voice. My teachers always told me that I have a good voice and that I can go places so keeping that in mind I work harder every day to achieve my goals and make everyone who believed in me very proud.

Tell me about your life outside of the music world. If you were not a singer, what would you be doing in life?

When I am not doing music, I love to spend time with my family, friends and relatives. Hanging around with my cousins is the best thing; we always have the best time together.

I love watching TV and I am very fond of shopping. If I was not a singer, I would be working boring 9-5 shifts somewhere that didn't make me happy.

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

God knows :) Usually there is nothing in particular that inspires me. I just listen to good music that I enjoy and sometimes I just happen to get a new idea out of nowhere.

Personally I think its God who inspires me whenever I make a new song. I listen to different types of music so I guess my creativity just comes to life.

What is the funniest memory you have from your experiences as a singer so far?

My funniest memory is when my track called 'BHULGI' released back in 2012. I was sitting with one of my friends in his car and he played my track and said to me "Aman have you listened this bomb track 'Bhulgi' by a singer called Aman Sandhu?” I tried to hold my laughter then I told him that it was my track. That was so funny. I still think about that incident and laugh.

What do you think makes you unique from other singers in the industry?

One aspect that I believe makes me different from other singers in my opinion is my versatility to sing different types of songs. Some singers have just one genre of singing and when they sing outside of their genre people don't necessarily accept it.

But, with Waheguru's blessings I am able to sing folk, romantic, sad, club numbers, upbeat bhangra tracks etc in different voice textures and until now thankfully people have thoroughly enjoyed it. Also I always give a bit of classical touch in my songs.

But then again that's just in my opinion, I'll leave the rest for the fans to decide.

Can you name a few of your biggest supporters and explain how they have impacted your life and career?

Definitely my family, friends and relatives who supported me in the field of music from day one. Other than that I definitely want to name some others without whom I would not be where I am right now.

I want to give a special thanks to my brothers Jaswinder Minhas, E=MC, s.O.e, Kuljeet Chouhan, Navkaran Randhawa, Nick Dhammu, Amzee Sandhu, Jaz Masuta, and Tony Marwaha. These guys helped me take my first steps into my singing career during my time in Canada. During the ups and downs of my life these guys have been more than brothers to me and still stand besides me. They always guide through everything and always have my best interest at heart.

A big appreciation for Planet Recordz Sarbjit Saroya who is still supporting me. Above all a big thanks to my Ustad Rajinder Raj ji, Varinder Bachan ji and Vinod Puri ji.

Whatever little knowledge of music i have is all because of my Ustad's. Love to them. If anyone's name left, apology from my side in advance.


How was your experience working with E=MC?

Working with E=MC has been a great experience and a dream come true. I used to listen to his songs in my school days. To me he is one of the finest music producers in the Punjabi music industry.

By God's grace whenever we work together a solid product comes out. The previous releases we have together are 'Jatti Punjab di', 'Bhulgi', and 'Dream Girl' which got a tremendous response worldwide. People love our chemistry and we love working together.

Whenever I come in contact with my fans they always asks me one question: "When is your next song coming out with E=MC?" Some people think that he is a ghost producer, but he is not. He is a very creative and innovative producer doing everything himself.

We always make songs in a very happy and stress free mood and the best comes out of us when we fight with each other on small things while making a song. Overall he more a brother to me than a music producer. Much Love and respect for him. Salute.

What is one message or piece of advice you have for your fans?

The only message I want to give to my fans is to please keep supporting the Punjabi music industry by buying original songs. Please quit free downloading.

Also do support our upcoming album '2 FINGERS 2 THE GAME' like you guys gave immense love to our previous releases Jatti Punjab di, Bhulgi and Dream Girl. I am sure out of 9 tracks of the album 1 or the other track will relate to my fans real life.

This album is a 5 years of collective hard work and struggle which me and my brother E=MC did. Hopefully fans from all around the world will love it.

Thanks to for always supporting me and pushing Bhangra to a global audiences and Love you all my respected fans.

Where can your fans follow you? 

SimplyBhangra wishes Aman Sandhu the best of luck for his new album!

​Interview by Trisha Arora

Twitter: @TrishaKArora

Instagram: @TrishaKAroraOfficial​



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Album is heavy, brilliant production and vocals

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