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Exclusive Interview with Sachin Ahuja

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Sachin Ahuja needs no introduction as he is one the most prominent names in the Punjabi music industry a producer, composer, and a reality show judge. Kulwinder caught up with Sachin discussing his journey so far.


Congratulations on recently winning awards at the PTC music awards. How do you feel?


Hey it feels fantastic and great to be appreciated.


For those who don't know you, how will you introduce yourself?


I am Sachin Ahuja, born and brought up in Delhi, and I am a music composer by profession who’s passionate about music.


You've been in the music industry for quite some time, how will you describe the starting of your musical journey?


I was a medical student but my dad got ill in 1996 it was then I decided to drop my studies and join my father’s studio, although my dad never insisted me it was purely my own choice. So I joined my studio and learnt the nuances about sound recording and then got into music.


Wow so that’s totally a different field which you are in now to the one you were working towards. So Sachin, you’ve worked for nearly two decades in the music scene what changes have you noticed?  


I have seen many changes in the form of styles or genres of music. I have seen various artists rising and declining, as well as the good stuff and of course the bad.

Let’s move on to the production, have you ever had an incline that this song is going to be a hit?


Yes many times, if a song is really made good and a lot of time and effort has been put in then we can predict it’s going to work, however the scale of the popularity of the song is always decided by you, the audiences.

Absolutely, the hard work pays of once the audience appreciate and love the content. Either than working on music can you enlist some of your hobbies?


I like to go for movies spend time with my family, internet surfing and driving.

With whom would you like to collaborate in the future?


hmm... if I ever get a chance it would have to the one and only with Sardool Sikander saab.


Great choice! Moving on who has given you the best advice and feedback?


My Dad who is the living Legend Charanjit Ahuja Ji he has given me all good advices in life and my wife is my biggest critic she gives me the exact feedback on my work.

A lot of people always assume that the music industry is glamorous etc however it’s not always as it seems there are always the bad days as well as the good.How much negativity have you dealt with?


Yes that’s true, it isn’t all glamorous as it seems to be. At times lots of negativity people from all ends try to pull you down, criticise you. But one has to stand firm and believe in the hard work and passion for the job.

You are the first music producer in India to have appeared in your own production. Do you feel it's important for the music producer to appear in videos?


Yes I was the first one to appear in a video. Music producers and composers really work hard to give the best they can to their singers.  So it’s only fair and their right to appear in the video so that people should recognise them also along with the singer and allow them to connect with us too.

Fair enough, what’s in store for Sachin this year, any collaborations with UK artists?


Of course I have recently recorded with a very good artist from the UK who goes by the name Kesh K.. and in fact I am recording many more songs which I am currently working on.


As well as lots of singles and albums on the way to release ... Udeekan by Peji Shahkoti will be the next release as well as Sufi’s, Qawalli by Kesh K, Album by Roshan Prince, Adhaar Card by Bill Singh.

I’m sure all your projects will be a success and that your fans are eagerly waiting for the releases. What motivates you to carry on?


Love of my fans, who appreciate our music keeps me going and motivates me to work even harder.

What do you think of the UK music scene compared to the one in India / Punjab?


Earlier in the UK more club themed music used to be played whereas in India mostly sad romantic songs. Nevertheless, now the scene is reversed UK now has more sensible listeners then India ... they love soft romantic and good music.


But in India singers are just promoting brands in their songs ... which I find so funny .. hahahah

That is true however that is definitely working amongst the India audience. So how do we stay in touch with you via social networks?


Yes my Facebook page is

Twitter and Instagram handle is @thesachinahuja

Lastly, message to the listeners of your music?


Thanks to all of you for your immense love. Keep up the good work SimplyBhangra promoting and sharing.  Listen and support good music, and stay away from drugs.  

Interviewed by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth


DPS Kaur
+1 #2 RE: Exclusive Interview with Sachin AhujaDPS Kaur 2015-05-23 15:24
Good interview, seems quite a humble guy.
d kaur
+1 #1 RE: Exclusive Interview with Sachin Ahujad kaur 2015-05-23 11:11
Loved the roshan track he did x good luck

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