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Catching Up with Dixi

dixi patel interview

Dixi is a young growing artist who wants to make her own mark in the industry. Having a passion for music at a young age through her father and certain artists she started listening to devotional and Bollywood songs which made her passion grow even more!

Check out what Dixi had to tell us about her.

Dixi, welcome! What’s going on in your world? We hear you have a new single released tell us more about this?

Yes! I linked together with my boys Twinbeatz as they were making a trip here to LA and we wanted to create another new track together. We knew we wanted to do something old school retro vibes and I wanted to do something Punjabi, hence we created ‘Kitabaan Vich’. It’s a funky upbeat song and I really enjoyed shooting this video because I was able to throw it back to my 90’s childhood days for the music video.

'Kitabaan Vich' is a guaranteed smash hit. With its clever lyrics and infectious rhythm, it'll have you humming from the first listen! The addition of Twinbeatz with their own unique vocals and style is a perfect fit alongside Dixi's dulcet tones.

How was it working with America’s well-known music producers Twinbeatz?

It’s always fun working with the twins! This is our fourth collaborative track together and we have a fifth one coming soon. We’ve developed a great relationship both as friends and musicians. They’ve mentored me quite a bit in the last year or so and I couldn’t be more thankful to have them in my life. Their mashups are iconic, their originals are unique, and they are some of the most hardworking, talented, and dedicated artists I know.

How would you describe yourself and the music you make?

I think I am versatile when it comes to music. Sometimes I’ve struggled to figure out which direction I want to go because I not only love singing various styles of music, but I’m also a dancer and a musician. I don’t like having to pick and choose one over the other so I’ve found a way to somehow incorporate everything together when it comes to my music and videos as you’ll see. My catalog of music is also diverse with different beats, styles, and languages which I like and makes it more exciting for me.

Music nowadays is not a career pathway, you already have a successful career in medicine. Why did you decide to sing? What motivates you? Were you inspired by any musical artists?

Music has always been a passion since I was a baby. I didn’t foresee it becoming a career path because it was really just a hobby. But honestly, opportunities were coming my way so organically that it just fell into place this way, and I’m glad it did. It opened a world for me that I never knew existed and it’s been a fun journey with lots of personal growth musically and individually.

My passion is my drive to create and music has always been my getaway and stress relief. I also think music is a form of medicine in that it can help others relate and cope with what they’re internally going through.

And my goal in life has always been to help others heal whether it be through music or medicine. Most of my inspiration has been drawn from r&b artists like Jojo and Grande, as well as Bollywood Singer Shreya Ghoshal.

Your music is more urban style based, what other styles would you like to try and with which artists do you think would you like to work with?

I do like the urban vibe because it represents me the best I would say, but I also love classical music and Bollywood styles. I want to try something more commercial or Bollywood. I also want to tap more into Punjabi music and even Punjabi folk styles. I’ve always wanted to work with Mickey Singh. I’m also a huge fan of AP Dhillon, but who isn’t!

It seems you’re one of the few artists who is thinking outside the box and doing something different from the rest, is it fair to say that a lot of new artists lack their own identity to their music?

I think most artists do struggle finding their own identity within their music, initially. I think it’s a process and takes time. Even for me, I feel like I am only recently starting to find mine, two years later. But I am true to myself and prefer to stay authentic with myself and my music and it will always be that way. It took a bit of self reflection and I experienced a few ups and downs which led to me finding my way now.

Women have earned their respect by simply just being tough and not tolerating nonsense stereotypes, what’s your thoughts on this?

I think as a woman, I’m self-sufficient and independent, and very content on my own. I believe I can achieve anything I want to and nothing or no one can stop me from doing that. Stereotypes are garbage, I don’t pay attention to any of it. Yes women voices aren’t being heard as much as men, and the representation is lacking, not because there isn’t any female talent out there. In fact there is actually a lot.

They just need to break those barriers and pave the path on their own unfortunately because that same support isn’t there. I think women feel discouraged. So I say, ‘Make your own noise and eventually people will hear you roar.’ That’s what I’m doing and I hope others follow! With time people will take notice and hopefully you’ll see more women in the charts.

Going back to your Single 'Need Nobody' how do you think you have improved/grown as an artist?

I definitely have grown a lot since ‘Need Nobody’. Like I mentioned earlier, I was still struggling to find my identity and my sound. I didn’t know how the music industry worked. Unfortunately I had to go through some rough patches and learn the hard way about how dirty the industry could be and realized I was better off working on my own versus people I couldn’t trust or who didn’t have my best interest at heart.

Yes I was scammed and made lots of empty promises, yes I lost a lot of money with no return, yes I went into a depression because of how I was treated by the people I was working with. But since removing myself from that toxicity, I feel liberated and I truly think I’ve been able to create & put out some of my best music on my own since moving forward.

Before we conclude this interview, is there anything you wish to say to the readers of

I just want to say thank you for the consistent love and support to everyone who has been listening to my music and following my journey thus far. For those of you who are new readers & listeners, I’d like to welcome you on my journey and I hope you choose to stay because I got A LOT more fire coming your way 😊

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