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Catching Up with Music Producer Tank

Bristol born music producer Tank is back with his single ‘Birthday.’  Check out what Tank had to say when he caught up with us.

He has had the privilege to work alongside mesmerising vocalist, musicians and lyricists and has been crafting a distinctive sound to stand out and avoid the typical sound in the current market.

Welcome Tank! For those that don't know, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get all into the music business?

Hi, I'm Tank and I am a music producer from Bristol. I got into music through friends at school, eventually started the DJ Circuit and then the Live Scene. Over the years I developed a passion for production so have continued doing what I love to do semi professionally. I released my debut album in 2016 called ‘Fully Loaded’ so after a few years of a gap I'm releasing new material.

How much input do you have in your work, as in do you play any instruments on your tracks yourself, do you engineer them or leave it to someone else?

Oh I have totally 100% input in my work. How I must admit I can not solely take all the credit for it. I have a fantastic team who know me very well and always do a fantastic job to further develop my production. I record, engineer and produce all my tracks. However, I do get additional help on instrumentation, mixing and mastering.

I believe this myth of all producers must be able to do everything is nonsense. If one individual did do everything, you would notice a massive difference in quality.

As a Bhangra consumer, are you happy with the state off the industry and the material that is being released on a regular basis from unknown acts with no prior exposure or experience??

I must admit I can't keep tabs on everyone that is making records and releasing. However, I applaud and appreciate the effort. Some I really like and some are not for me. However the effort is outstanding and it's very hard to create music regularly. Onto your question about experience.

How does one gain experience if he's not subjected to exposure? People should try and the longer they are in an industry the more experienced they will become.

What are your views on how unique and innovative the music scene has changed over the years?

I must admit I'm slightly getting a bit bored of the sounds that are coming through. We are hearing a few new sounds but times will change again where we will all definitely improve. Just got to keep working on that innovation.

Do you think it is essential to re-invent yourself on every release, as nowadays most producers tend to stick with there tried and tested methods, which keeps originality to the minimum?

Great question me personally I always try to think of different ways to make a difference. I always say to people who ask me for advice that one should always upgrade their sound. Hence lucky for me I haven't got a stamped style of production.

Producers will always follow trends and watch their respective markets. Sometimes the songs that are hits dictate which direction the music should be created.

What is your view on the quality of lyrics we are exposed to in the desi scene. Lately there seems to be a lot more politically conscious lyrics. Would you encourage more?

I embrace change. The lyrics that are coming out at the moment are very good with great composition and melody's. Sometimes there are a few lyrics and styles that are getting really repetitive but you will get this. I personally have got lots of politically conscious songs coming out and lyrics that are different. I would definitely encourage more of the same from my peers.

I’m sure as you know, these days the public are very sceptical when it comes to ‘new’ producers and are quick to throw accusations of ghost production around. Whats your views on this?

I think the public should listen to it first. If it sounds like it's similar to someone else’s record. Chances are it has been ghosted. Other studios and producers need a source of income this is the nature of music. These days many producers are thrown under the bus. You could spend your whole life studying music and developing your skills. Soon as you work really hard on getting a release out everyone's like oh X and Y has done it.

How important do you think the websites such as Youtube and Facebook are in the development of new artists?

Very important it's all a numbers game. You need to be on a public platform to promote your material. Also its great to personally see the response of your work. Views, comments and messages or people sending you videos of what they feel when they hear your work. I do music for the love of it. It's gives me great pleasure when someone interacts with me of social media.

What advice would you give to any young producers trying to break the scene at the moment? Also would you be willing to work with new talent and if so how can they get in touch?

Talent is only a small part of production. Hard work, discipline and it takes a really long time to be a good producer. Please do not be expecting short fixes and overwhelming success straight away. Always try upgrading your sounds, try to be different if you sound the same. All your doing is adding you're name to the bottom of the bhangra pile.

Doing it like everyone's heard before means killing an opportunity to progress. If anybody would like to collaborate the please do get in contact with 3Q Records.

Whats the future? Any new tracks upcoming? Any messages for the readers?

I have about 20 songs that are already completed with videos being currently shot. So I'm working with a whole list of absolutely killer vocalists who I have always wanted to work with, some great new talent and just hopefully putting the final touches to various other work with collaboration albums to singles with others.

I'm always working on new material. I would like to thank everyone that has taken time out to read this and to for giving me the opportunity.

Please do check out my new release titled BIRTHDAY feat the amazing Bakshi Billa OUT NOW.

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