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Exclusive Deesh Sandhu Interview!


Rupinder had the opportunity to talk to Upcoming Punjabi singer Deesh Sandhu about her journey and experience in the industry!

Upcoming Punjabi singer Deesh Sandhu has released her debut single entitled ’Lethal Eyes’ composed by Kaos Productions.

Deesh has been working closely with Kaos Productions to showcase her talent and perform on stage. Even before releasing her debut single, through social media she has had the opportunity to perform at Melas, Ladies Sangeet and other events. Not many have been this lucky! This just shows the power of social media.

Firstly Deesh welcome to and congratulations on your debut single ‘Lethal Eyes.’

From day one you have worked very closely with Kaos Productions. How has your journey changed over the years?

Myself and Kaos Productions have been working together for almost 18 months now. We have both grown together and faced new experiences which have developed our skills and resolve.

Whereas Amo has come out of his music producer role and taken to networking and artist management, I have been pushing myself in the studio and also worked on my stage presence and interaction. We have become more aware of marketing and social media strategies and also developed a unique live set.

How do you feel you have changed for your on-stage performances?

The experience of being on stage throughout last year has taught me so much. I feel that my connection with the audience has improved and also realise the importance of bringing my personality on stage with me through banter and engagement.

I have more control and confidence in my performance and have learnt how to improvise and change mid-set based on audience reaction.

Even before your debut release, just through social media and stage performances you have had many bookings for special occasions especially ladies sangeet. How have you felt performing at these events?

I absolutely love the Ladies Sangeet events, as these tend to be more intimate and relaxed affairs. Often at home and always just the bride or groom’s family, everyone knows each other and i have had Sangeets turn into mad raves!! What an amazing buzz it is for a performer.

What do you enjoy about performing in front of an audience?

I feel I was born for the stage. Growing up I spent hours in front of the mirror doing the exact moves from movie songs and have always been so drawn to the camera and people. I love banter and love making people laugh and enjoy themselves. Putting those smiles on people’s faces is what powers my performances. Their reactions fuel my confidence.

Tell us a bit about you debut track ‘Lethal Eyes?’

This song is a representation of my first love, raw folk Panjabi vibes. Unfortunately, although we planned a video and even had a date set to shoot, due to the lockdown we were unable to make it, so have had to make a lyrical video instead.

Although I am disappointed, I am still grateful that we have our health and were still able to put music out. Lethal Eyes is all about energy and being uncompromising in Desi-ness, much like me!

There’s been a lot of discussion lately regarding the industry and its perceived lack of creativity; do you think the problem lies with artists, or to audiences who should be demanding more?

I think the onus lies with an artist, as the art of being an artist is what should make you stand out and deliver your brand to the audience. Then it’s up to the audience to back unique artists who do bring something different in a good way.

How much does the quality of the industry overall and the quest to be original weigh on your mind as an Artist?

I am fortunate to be under the wing of someone who firmly believes in quality over quantity. What also drew me to working with Kaos Productions was how Amo does not compromise by putting poor quality out to maximise earnings.

The amount of times we have done and redone things in the studio has opened my eyes and given me a new found respect for how hard the people behind the artists work to make a good impression.

I think my originality is also boosted with the fact that being a U.K. born Panjabi female, I flow from English to Panjabi very fluently and have had many people comment on the fact that the switch up on stage is something they see as my U.S.P.

How do you think this industry is changing for the new singers or actors or how difficult it is nowadays to enter in this industry?

There is no doubt that it is extremely tough in this day and age for any newcomers. Despite having social media at your disposal which is a fantastic tool for reaching the entire world from your home, the battle for the public’s attention is fierce and all sorts of tricks and shortcuts are being used.

Providing quality content is only half the battle, the actual delivery of said content is now of huge importance and our smartphones are the battlefield where this takes place daily.

If you could list 3 improvements you believe should be made in the Bhangra industry, what would they be?

I would like to see more initiatives which encourage the new artists to interact with the established artists. I also feel that Bhangra music should be segregated from Bollywood and urban in the charts because Bhangra has its own audience, which may not be comparable in size to others so would be a more realistic reflection of how well the songs do.

We should also have more collaborations to add new dimensions to the music.

Can you name one experience (while performing, recording, interacting with other artists), which has greatly impacted you in a positive way?

Being around other artists has been a fantastic experience and watching them perform and record, gave me an insight and I have benefitted from their experience. Watching JK at Leicester Mela was a hugely positive experience for me as I saw how he controlled his audience and kept their attention on him throughout.

Has being in the music industry impacted your personal life in any way? If it has, how so? If not, what do you think is key for balancing both your personal life and your singing career?

Being in the music Industry, whilst holding down a full time job has impacted my personal life in the sense that there is very little time to do anything else. I have to make extra time to meet family and friends but they have been very supportive which makes it all easier.

Is there anything you will like to say to the readers of

I would like to give my respect and thanks to the people who still take an interest in Punjabi Bhangra music and try to promote our language and culture in the modern-day age we live in. I have had an amazing first year in music and absolutely look forward to many more and I’m a people person, so if you see me anywhere, come say hello!

Thank you Deesh for taking time out to talk to us and all the best with your debut single and future projects.

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