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Exclusive Interview with Deana Uppal on Hard Kaur


Deana Uppal a former Big Brother contestant who has featured in music videos and modelling campaigns will be seen in the first female orientated Punjabi film, Hard Kaur releasing on the 15th December, Kulwinder catches up with Deana to speak of her experience and future plans.

 How are you feeling for your first debut film Hard Kaur?

I am really excited for this film as its a film that i truly feel has a entertaining meaningful script. I am happy because I can confidently promote this movie knowing the product is good. I am a terrible lier so if i felt the movie was not good it would be hard for me to promote the film so much.

What made you say yes to working in the film?

When i first read the script i knew i had to be apart of this film. The story will relate to all females as it deals with common issues females have to deal with. I only said yes to this film because of its story line, I did not see who were the other star cast i just knew the story is so meaningful and deep that I had to be apart of it.


Tell us about your character?

I play the role of Sirat Kaur. Sirat is a simple sweet school teacher from Patiala, Punjab. Sirat does not speak up for her self a lot due to her being shy - which i think a lot of girls will be able to relate to. Sirat always takes pride in her appearance and wears bright salwar suits daily.

Any memorable moments during the shoot?

For me the most memorable thing was just the whole experience of shooting in Patiala - Punjab and interacting with the locals, seeing how they live. People in the villages live such simple lifes. There was one small house in the village where we was shooting, the owner of the house was a newly wedded young bride with her husband. T

he bride was so beautiful and simple - she had never travelled out of the village or seen modern day life. It was very interesting to talk too people like this.

How has coming from big brother impacted on your life?

Big Brother impacted my life in the way I learnt a lot about my self and it taught me many hard life lessons. Life actually got harder for a while for 6 months after leaving the house. It was hard to adjust to going back to normal life and having people know who I am. After the 6 month period it got better and now i just think of it as an event in life that adds to my experience in life.

What was your favourite scene?

There is a scene where Sirat meets her old best school friend after years. She wants to tell her friend that she has fallen for the guy that wants to marry her but she is too shy to say it straight. Its a very endearing scene. After her friend pushing her she tells how she feels about him.


Why should we go and see the film Hard Kaur?

I can honestly say Hard Kaur has such a strong powerful story line you will not regret spending two hours of your life watching this. It is a film that makes sence and keeps you gripped until the end. Every female will be able to relate to the issues shown. Movies like this will open the path for more female orientated movies.

How do you manage living in two countries England and India?

Now I have been living in both places for such a long time I actually prefer life this way. Once I have been in UK for more then a month I start feeling restless and plan to go back to india, same as when I have been in India for too long I start missing the UK. Both countries have there positives and negatives, which are completely different to each other.

I am actually living in three places at the moment - my hometown birmingham where my mother lives, then my house in London and then my home in Mumbai. The most difficult thing is finding my clothes when I need them - that dress I need is always in the wrong house!

Do you enjoy acting?

Yes I love acting, especially when the role is a deep emotional role. i prefer the more serious roles then comedy.


What's 2018 looking like for Deana Uppal?

Well for now my plans are to carry on concentrating on my businesses. I will continue also to search for nice scripts to act in. Next year I want to produce my own punjabi movie. I also direct, my last directional video was 'main kosa rabb nu' by shamshad. i have a few beautiful songs in the pipeline that I will be directing.

Message to your readers of Simply Bhangra?

Thanks for reading guys and SimplyBhangra for the support. I can promise you will not regret watching Hard Kaur, - esp the girls! It is something completely different for Punjabi Cinema. 15th December please watch!