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Catching up with Kamal Khaira

Punjabi singer Kamal Khaira is an artist that we have recently heard of more over the past year! He entered the Punjabi music industry with his debut single ‘Pehla Bench’ featuring Bling Singh.

Over the years Kamal has grown as a singer and this confidence led him to releasing many tracks such as ‘Selfian’, ‘Vichola’, ‘Family’ and ‘Bahli Sohni’ which received a phenomenal response.

Rupinder received the opportunity to catch up with Kamal Khaira and ask him about his success and what he will be doing in 2018.

What can we look forward to from you this year?

There are many songs to be released this year. I have about 5/6 songs lined up and i am hoping to release a song approximately every 2 months.

What will make your 2018 bigger than 2017?

2017 was a great year as my fans loved my songs and may God bless me in future like he has over the past years.

Have you got any plans to collaborate with any other artists this year?

This year I will be collaborating with Alfaz Paji.

What made you successful in 2017?

Well the credit for my success all goes to Preet Hundal however Mandeep Maavi has also supported me.

How many tracks do you plan to release this year?

There will be no more gaps when it comes to releasing songs. Like i mentioned before i will be releasing a song every 2 months back-to-back.

I also have 2 duet songs lined up for release. I have not sung alongside a female vocalist in the past so will be something new and interesting.

‘Vichola’ was a very successful track and I will try my best to release a song for my fans which will hopefully receive an even better response.

Looks like we will be hearing a lot more from Kamal this year! All the best to Kamal and looking forward to his new releases.

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