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Exclusive Interview with Monica Gill on Sat Shri Akaal England


The forthcoming Punjabi movie ‘Sat Shri Akaal England’ stars the talented singer Ammy Virk and the winner of ‘Miss India Worldwide 2014’ the gorgeous Monica Gill which will be releasing on 17th November 2017!


Rupinder Rainer received the opportunity to ask the beautiful actress Monica Gill about the film.

Thank you Monica for taking time to tell us about your upcoming movie ‘Sat Shri Akaal England.’

So, you have worked in many films with many actors. How was it working alongside the talented Ammy Virk?

It was amazing. Ammy is an amazing actor and an even better person. In a very short period of time, he has proven himself to be one of the most bankable male artists in the Punjabi fraternity and I think that's commendable. And regardless of the amount of success he's garnered, he remains as humble as ever.

Am i right in saying you play ‘Geet’ in the film? Can you tell me a bit about your character?

Yes, I play Geet in the film. She's a headstrong British girl with a Punjabi heart and it's beautiful to see how that comes through in the film. I'm praying that the audience falls for her as much as I have.

What was the biggest challenge when taking on this role?

The greatest challenge whilst taking up this role was justifying Geet's actions. As I have said before, Geet has a slight grey shade... so depicting that but still portraying her innocence was extremely challenging.

Apart from England has the film been shot elsewhere?

Yes, the film has also been shot in Punjab. In a pind near Chandigarh if I'm not mistaken...

A funny moment you will remember during the shoot?

Oh there were loads...



There are times when by-passers watch you whilst the shoot is taking place? Does that make you feel nervous?

No, when I'm shooting, I'm lost in the make believe of the moment. I don't see anything else... afterwards when someone points it out, it makes for a good laugh though...

How do you decide whether you want to be part of a film?

Before taking on a film, I always ask what my character is doing... is it going through a conflict? Will the audience find her endearing? What is the challenge in bringing her to life...? I yearn for a challenge. It excites me.

What made you want to be part of this film?

There is a very strong internal conflict in Geet which I felt would be interesting to portray. Also, when our director Vikram Pradhan was narrating the film to me, I could visualise it in my mind. I immediately wanted to be on board.

Being an actor is not easy because when your previous films have done so well the audience expects more in future. How do you ensure you have given your best performance in the film?

I've learnt that you can never control the fate of a film. Each film has its own destiny. You can only control what you put into it. If you've given your 100% with clean intent, leave the rest up to God.

Shooting a film then travelling and promoting it must get really tiring. How do you manage all this alongside your other work and social life?

Honestly, I love what I do. There is such an adrenaline rush during the time of release that your body doesn't experience anything but excitement...

What sort of character would you like to play in future?

Hmmm.... whichever character I decide to play next, I'd like it to bring fourth a challenge. I really enjoy sitting and planning out character sketches and creating a person in my head. So I hope there will be a lot of meat to chew on...

What will we be seeing from you in the future?

Well, there is Sat Shri Akaal England releasing on Nov 17th; then Firangi releasing on Nov 24th and Punj Khaab releasing early 2018.

What you you like to say to the readers?

I'd just like to say that it takes a village to make a film. Everyone associated with Sat Sri Akaal England have worked extremely hard to create a film you would all enjoy. If not for Ammy and I, then for everyone else involved, please head to a theatre closest to you on Nov 17th! Thank you! ☺

So make sure you take time out with your family and friends and watch this rib tickling rom com that looks at how German (Ammy Virk) and Geet (Monica Gill) cross paths and help each other along the way to fulfil their dreams.

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