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Exclusive Interview with G Sidhu


Trisha Arora spoke with G Sidhu to learn more about him and his music.

G Sidhu, born in Punjab and raised in New York, is America’s rising new bhangra star who has been bringing hit after hit into the industry since his first release. From his beginnings as the founder of a local university bhangra team to becoming internationally known Punjabi singer, G Sidhu has gone quite a distance in his journey into the music world.

 Every track he brings into the public eye has its own unique vibe which gives audiences a song for every mood, but this is just the beginning for the multi-talented artist who writes all of his own lyrics.

How did you get your start in music? Who are your musical inspirations?

From what I can recall, my first start was with me being in Kirtan group in our school and I used to play Vaja/Harmonium.  My parents said I was crazy about Malkit Singh as toddler, and made them get me "gota" for Pagh, like he did for Golden Star band.  Jazzy B has been a big influence on me and I am a huge Jazzy B fan!

If you had to choose between recording a folk track or a modern bhangra track which one would you lean towards and why? 

Depends on what mood I am in but folk is the backbone, no matter what the 'modern' trend is, indirectly you can find folk flavor in them.  So, even in a modern Bhangra track, you can feel the folk-ness!

You've been on a roll recently with hit songs Mundri, Candlelight, Sapni and your latest release, Sat Sri Akal - how do you come up with the concepts for each track?

Thankfully with the help of my team, I have been able to put out these projects successfully.  To be honest, there was no strategy of coming up with these songs, all of the above tracks have just randomly popped into my head and just flowed from there. 

I wrote Mundri and Candle Light this year.  Sapni has been ready since past 3 years, and till date it sounded very fresh and energetic to us, hence we knew, we had to release this one!


Surprisingly, despite the amount of hits G. Sidhu has given music lovers everywhere, he has also studied to be a practicing doctor. We know that doctors are so busy saving lives that they barely have time for other things, but also doing music full time?  This just goes to show that if you’re truly passionate about something you will never let anything get in your way, even time!

Music is not my only career, but my time dedicated to music is no less than a full time career!  Let's just say I have 2 full time careers!

Recently, Punjabi music has taken on a new trend to focus on a more gangster vibe. What are your views on this new trend?

I believe an artist should have creative freedom to do what they want and it is up to the listeners if they want to support that or not.  If the listeners do not support it, then the artist obviously will not create them.

Do you think living in North America while most other Punjabi artists live back home has helped or hindered your progress in the industry?

  I don’t believe being in particular region can help or hinder your progress, especially now with the availability of internet.  At the end of the day, it is your content that will connect with people.  On the other hand, being in North America has definitely influenced my music and exposed me to all kinds of music!

Is there anyone who has helped or guided you along the way in your music career? Anyone you'd like to shout out or thank?

The list is too long!  We started as a team and are growing personally with each project.  As a team, we have been teaching ourselves and didn’t have a particular person guiding us.  Pinder 22 (also happens to be my manager), has always supported me selflessly.  Plus, I can’t thank enough my remaining teammates Manpreet, Simer, G Money, Jabar, Urban Kinng, Naveen. Thank you SimplyBhangra for always supporting.

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