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Catching up with DJ Goddess on Guerrilla War


Amrit Maan has released his brand new track 'Guerrilla War' featuring music from Deep Jandu and a feature from female 'DJ Goddess', Jovan had the opportunity to chat with DJ Goddess on the track!

The lyrics from the track are done by Amrit Maan himself, the video is shot by the talented Sukh Sanghera who is very busy around the Punjabi music industry.

The track has a gangster look to it which has been very popular in the industry as of late. This track has the opportunity to become huge around the industry with the music and lyrics that are used.

Amrit Maan's most recent work includes 'Kaali Camaro', 'Shikaar', 'Akh Da Nishana', 'Bomb Lagdi' and his most popular track in the past few years 'Bamb Jatt' which he collaborated on female Punjabi artist Jasmine Sandlas. Amrit also released the track Tokhna just last week and it has received a pretty great response so far.

DJ Goddess also does a great job in her part of the track with great vocals as well as her acting skills in the music video, read what she had to say about the track and more below!

How did this collaboration start?  What is your role in this track?

The collaboration started with me doing an Official Remix for Bamb Jatt, though my dealings were directly with the label itself (White Hill Productions), it caught the attention of Amrit Maan. We connected a few months later where we began speaking on the idea of a collaboration, it literally transpired from talks to reality very fast!

He had asked me if I wanted to be a part of his upcoming album Guerrilla War and I without hesitation said yes, loving the fact that he's such a talented Punjabi artist. He writes his own lyrics, and takes his craft very seriously.

It's a surprise as to what my role is in the track. I do feature in the video, however, there is a little tiny extra surprise!

Let's just say that I'm glad I've been low key taking vocal lessons!

How was it working alongside Amrit Maan and Deep Jandu?

Amrit Maan and Deep Jandu are so incredibly talented. You can tell they are masters at their crafts. I was instantly in love with the track Bamb Jatt before I remixed it, and a fan of Deep Jandu's work.

Literally, I feel like whatever Deep Jandu touches turns to Gold, hence as mentioned I did not think twice to feature on the track with these two Punjabi Powerhouses.

Deep Jandu is one of the most humble talented Punjabi producers I've had the occasion to meet and work with. Despite his aura on the television screen, he is the nicest most humble of people. He made me feel comfortable on set and during a small recording session which being my first one could have turned out to be really intimidating.

How is the transition from being a DJ to a music producer? In what ways are DJing and music production different?

I wouldn't call it a transition so much as DJ'ing and music production compliment one another. I'm relatively new to music production but have been super grateful to have the support of some of the industry's top music directors/producers/musicians.

Dj'ing focuses a lot more on live performance, crowd reading, beat matching in real-time whereas production happens away from the limelight. A lot of downtime I get while I'm not on tour, I spend on production.

I'm currently working on Disputing the Kings Mixtape II and get to take my time selecting tracks, beat matching, adding effects, etc. Also, I get to work with a variety of different artists when it comes to original music.

Over the last year, I produced a Bruno Mars cover with Shraddha Pandit (Bollywood playback singer) and currently working with a few Bollywood and North American artists

You can watch the music video for the track below!

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