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Exclusive Interview with XD Pro Music


 Xaan and DMS, the dynamic duo behind North American based XD Pro Music recently released a track based on England's Manchester United Football Team featuring upcoming singer Gursehaj. Simply Bhangra's Trisha Arora spoke to them about this project and more!

I'm going to go ahead and start off with a cliche question, how did you guys get your start with producing music? What made you decide to work together as a team?

"We added each other on MSN messenger years ago when we were teenagers for our passion for music. We both used to make remixes, beats, raps etc. We didn’t actually meet in person until some time after through some mutual friends. In 2014 we started hanging out in the studio together and working on anything that would come our way, records, voice overs, radio commercials to name a few.

The more we worked together, the more we learned from each other and figured out how to use our differences in skills to formulate more complete projects. In 2015 we decided to form a business and open up a studio, and formed XD Pro Music - X from Xaan and D from DMS.

We started doing a lot of engineering work for local artists, but the more time we spent in the studio the more our sound developed as our styles complimented each other. Years later today we are blessed to have a fully operational studio in Toronto and very excited for all the new music on the way!"


Social media at it's finest! Another fine example of how social media can be used to our advantage. Without it, it could be possible that XD Pro Music would not exist! Man United Da Fan has become an anthem for Punjabi Man United fans all over the world, How did this concept come about? What was everyone's initial reaction to this idea?

"Haha, this is a wild story. X is a huge Man United fan, and one of his cousins sent him a clip of a guy from India singing a dope Man United Boli on youtube. One of our boys - shout out Chima! -got a hold of his contact info. We sent him a few messages showing interest in making his boli into a full song and he was excited!

We tried a few versions and finally hit the nail when our homie DJ EM was in the studio and helped create a vibe. We sent it to Gursehaj - the singer from India - who immediately loved it. We completed the song, and Gursehaj changed his vacation from America to Toronto. The final mixing and mastering was done in-house and the video was shot by Sunny Tamber of Cineverse (also another United fan).

The initial reaction was overwhelming, we first played the song at X’s wedding, he used it as his entrance music! We have been humbled to see the reaction not only from Bhangra fans, but football/soccer fans from all across the world. Whether they have a position or negative comment, the fact that we are now connecting all these people is a great feeling!"

Some of the best ideas come when you least expect it! I take it that you're major Manchester United fans, specially after playing the track on X's special day! Seeing that you're based in Canada, how did that happen?

"Soccer - as we call it in North America lol - is pretty popular in certain pockets of communities, We always figured it comes down to that it was cheaper for our desi parents to buy us soccer shoes rather then hockey equipment - so grew up playing it more and naturally watching it more. Many of our friends, including us - are die hard fans of certain soccer teams."

You guys are in the bhangra scene as well as the Desi hip hop, if you had to choose one genre to work with which would it be and why?

"Our aim has always been to be very international with our approach. Our sound doesn’t really have a category has our productions vary by every song. We just hope to fuse all of our favorites genres and inspirations into what is pleasurable to our ears and we just hope people feel the same way. We’ve never given ourselves any rules to go by, and hope to keep bending the boundaries for many coming years."

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you're working on?

"We got a s*^%# load of material coming out! We’ve been producing content with Tej Gill, Simar, local rapper Manu. We wrapped up feature length projects Deep Dollas in California & another with Dave Bawa who just left back to BC after finishing 4 tracks with 4 days with us.

We’ve been staying active with all sorts of artists in multiple genres of music and just keep to hope doing what we love!"

Stay tuned for many more great projects and collaborations from XD Pro Music! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @XDProMusic

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