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Exclusive Interview with Kaos Production (Part 2)


We bring to you the part 2 interview with Amo from Kaos Productions who we are pleased to have as the Artist Of Month in August! You can check out the part 1 interview here!

 Are live performances going to be artists’ acid test and their bread-and-butter?

Live music is the only place an artist can earn a living - no doubt. There should be much more focus on the actual music rather than the visuals or the millions of YouTube views.

You can pretend something is huge and some people will no doubt be influenced by the numbers, but there is a reason we still listen to 30 year old songs and barely get through one listen of some brand new songs.

So, what does influence you? How do you view yourself in creating music?

We are influenced by the aforementioned artists but also we do away with schedules when trying to create music. Creativity has no timeline and so many of the tracks we have released, have several previous scrapped versions - almost to the extent that the project becomes financially unviable.

This is all done in the hope that we create something musically that will last more than two weeks.

How much does the quality of the industry overall and the quest to be original weigh on your mind as a producer? Do you feel Bhangra is stagnating at the moment?

Originality is important but it’s also tough to deviate too much in a world dominated by a set of instruments that cover the entire range of frequency spectrum. A Bhangra song without a Dhol is quite a risk, however in adding the Dhol it's so powerful that it takes up a lot of room in a recording therefore leaving little space for other musical instrumentation.

The quality of the industry should be the most important thing in everyone's mind who is a part of it. We actively reject projects that have no potential whatsoever, despite being offered decent amounts of money to produce them.

Ultimately although we have the same bills to pay as everyone else, we would not put out material that we would not pay for ourselves as punters. There are too many songs coming out at the moment that sound alike which definitely puts people off the industry.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately regarding the industry and its perceived lack of creativity; do you think the problem lies with artists, or to audiences who should be demanding more?

The problem is likely down to poor sales. To encourage creative minds to enter the arena, there needs to be an incentive.

A new producer/artist would have to spend near enough £10k to put a good quality song with great video and promotion. They will not see that return in sales and the only avenue left is live scene.

So songs have to be created within given parameters to try and get shows for the artist.

If we delved into your music collection for the ‘most played’ tracks this year, what should we expect to see?

Probably Rumours, Housecall, Return of the Mack, Still Dre, Truck (Diljit & Truskool), Jatti (Harjit Harman), KK (Gurj Sidhu), Ik Tu hove (Sardool & Noorie), DCS Ena Akhiyan (Doin 'it) and plenty of others!

How did you decide the best songs to include in the album?

Kaos was the case contains songs from the VIP records back catalogue. We downloaded all the songs from iTunes and took the tracks we thought we could present with a different vibe, and had to make sure we had a range of tempos and scales to help with album variety.

Specifically, why did you choose the artists which you did in the album?

We were asked to include Diljit songs in the album and with the others we actually chose the songs over the artists - obviously sticking to singers that have technical ability as well.

What did each of them bring to the track and the album?

These mixes have been made using Itunes downloaded songs - we had no access to separate vocals (except Jatt Daang which we originally produced) and had to create a whole backing track of original music and beats to accompany the original tracks.

We had to try and fit two songs worth of music in each track so had to make clever use of EQ and effects to make it sound like a single track whilst maintaining a decent level of overall sound quality.

The vocalists bought their signature vibe and we added instrumentation that tried to compliment that.

We thank you very much for your time and appreciate your insight. We wish you all the best with your future projects. Any final message for the readers?

We would like to thank all at Simply Bhangra for the opportunity to express our opinions and are thankful for being featured as artist of the month.

Please support any music that you like, it doesn't matter whose, by buying it legally because it helps artists stay in the game.

You can message us on any of our social media accounts with any questions or opinions you have. We always get back to everyone and encourage building a rapport with fans of our music. God bless.

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