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Exclusive Interview with Raashi Sood


We continue the journey through the female Punjabi music industry all month long, Jovan had the opportunity to chat with Raashi Sood.

Raashi Sood is one of the most talented female vocalists in the Punjabi music industry with her track ‘Jeen Di Gal’ which is a remake of a Prabh Gill track which featured music from Desi Routz. Raashi  is currently signed under the PropheC Productions label which is owned and operated by Canadian singer and producer The PropheC.

The two have collaborated several times with the releases of Sajna, Dholna and PropheC having produced many of her tracks including Udeek and Beparwah.

Other notable releases from Raashi include Ijazat, Ignore, Din Izhaar Da, Zindagi and she has also put out plenty of videos of covers she has been singing of other tracks.

What do you think has made you successful in the female Punjabi music industry?

Well I think there's still a long way to go for me to be called successful. For me, it's constant hard work and the spirit to create something different every time. Also, I wish to create songs that people can relate to and a tune that gets to their heart, something that touches their soul.

Why do you think the female music industry has become so big? Do you think women are finally getting the same recognition male artists are?

I think there is so much talent out there in the female music industry. The legends of the female Punjabi industry have motivated all the women to follow their footsteps and bring laurels to the rich culture of Punjab. I know how hard it is to get your passion going in this industry and I salute all the women who are doing a great job.

I won't say that women are getting equal recognition but yes times are changing. The female artist to male artist ratio is still meagre. I hope more women get a chance to get their music out.

Besides yourself, who is your favourite female artist at the moment and what is your favourite track?

I adore Harshdeep Kaur. She has a soulful voice and her version of Jutti Kasuri is always in my playlist.

You can watch the music video Jutti Kasuri video below

How would you describe yourself and the music you make? How successful has it made you?

My style of singing is mostly soft sad/romantic because I feel they suit my voice the most and I would probably sing something that I'm sure I would be able to deliver to the best of my potential. My most recognized track is "Jeen Di Gal", a re-creation of the original soundtrack by Prabh Gill, which is again a sad number.

While making a song I usually do not think about if its going to be a hit or not. I just concentrate on making a song that is "Unique" and something that the world has never heard before. The zeal to make your supporters happy is what makes you successful.

 How did the industry being predominantly male affect your path? What are your thoughts on the inequalities and barriers females face?

I feel that opportunities for a female artist are less as compared to the male artists, Family barriers, social pressure, lack of support are some of the hindrances females face in their musical journey.

There are a lot of other female singers in the music industry. Do you ever feel that there's tension or negativity between yourself and the other female artists?

I feel the female music industry should be one big family since we all are working towards the same destination. I've always seen support and appreciation and i hope the positivity remains.

 Is there a sort of "competition feeling" amongst the female artists? What sets you apart from the rest?

I don't see any competition in the industry. Every one has their own style of singing and their own creativity. No two people are the same. I feel that as an artist I can bring forth something Unique and i hope i am able to spread the #Raashiness throughout the world. My best wishes to all the artists out there.

You can watch the music video for Raashi's track Jeen Di Gal below

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