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Exclusive Interview with Kaur B Next Artist from Female Punjabi Music industry



As we go through all the top female artists this month, Jovan had the time to catch up with the women behind the tracks Paranda, Kaniyan and many others.. Kaur B!

Kaur B is one of the most successful female Punjabi artists in the industry over the last few years, not only has she been releasing hit after hit, she has also been touring with the one and only Prince of Bhangra; Jazzy B. Her songs have all been loved and her vocal talent is like no others, so much power and grace in her vocals make her one of the top female artists today.

Kaur B's recent releases include tracks such as Kaniyan, Punjab Di Beauty #1 which she featured in along with Ranjit Bawa, Ninja and Kulwinder Billa, Teri Wait, Dilbar Jani, and how could we forget one of the best songs of the year Paranda which she released near the end of last year. She has also collaborated with the likes of Dr Zeus, Jazzy B, and Amrit Maan recently and we cant wait to see what she has planned for us next!

What do you think has made you successful in the female Punjabi music industry?

Blessings from my parents and my fans are the main reasons why I have been successful so far in my career.

Do you think women are finally getting the same recognition male artists are?

Yes they do, and I'm very happy to see this happening

Besides yourself, who is your favourite female artist at the moment and what is your favourite track?

I'm very fond of listening to Gurmeet Bawa ji since my childhood and my all time favorite track of her is Mirza, I love listening to folk songs.

How would you describe yourself and the music you make?  How successful has it made you?

I describe myself as DESI Jatti and my music is very much related to it.. 

How did the industry being predominantly male affect your path?

It didn't actually make a difference to me,  everyone in the industry is very supportive..  The era has changed

What are your thoughts on the inequalities and barriers females face?

I think women need to confront and stand-up for themselves, no power in the world can stop them

There are a lot of other female singers in the music industry. Do you ever feel that there's tension or negativity between yourself and the other female artists?

Never, we all are just like family and we support each other

Is there a sort of "competition feeling" amongst the female artists? What sets you apart from the rest?

Their is no feeling of competition, everybody is unique and has a different caliber.

You can watch the music video for Kaur B's Paranda track below

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