Channo Review: A Movie Worth Watching With Family And Kids!

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Neeru Bajwa Entertainment & Mystery Man Productions Presentation is the Punjabi Movie “Channo – Kamli Yaar Di” Directed By Pankaj Batra, read the review here!

Starring : Neeru Bajwa, Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir, Karmjit Anmol & More; Written By : Naresh Kathooria

Finally the much awaited Punjabi flick Channo Kamli Yaar Di has released today and I rushed to watch it on the first day for the first show in DT Mall Chandigarh, with my tub of mix caramel popcorn and a diary to write the points which could make me criticise the movie.(after all I am a journalist and that’s my default nature)

The introduction was impressive. I loved the graphics.

Surprisingly by the first ten minutes itself my diary closed down as I was totally engrossed in the movie. The characters starting from Neeru Bajwa to Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgn and nearly all of the rest did an exceptionally good job on screen.

Channo is basically the story of a girl whose husband leaves for Canada and never comes back. Neeru plays the love interest of Binnu Dhillon in the movie and I must say that Binnu impressed me yet again but this time much more with each expression and dialogue delivered by him.

How the movie transformed from one moment of emotions to another of comedy was app-laudable.

The language used by the characters has been specifically embellished with words which are territorial. One feels that the whole cast actually belongs to the villages mentioned in the movie.

Rana Ranbir and Karamjit Anmol are both Binnu’s dear friends in the movie and they have played their parts with full enthusiasm and perfection.

There is a surprise factor in the movie which will make you smile and ask yourself – Oe, eh vi hai moviech??

The songs, especially the one by Amrinder Gill, that is, Tere Bagair will touch your heart in the sweetest way possible. On the other hand I kept waiting for Prabh Gill’s melodious voice too but there was no sign of it anywhere.

The direction was very well done so Kudos to Pankaj Batra for it. Trust me I have seen a major improvement in the way Punjabi films are being made today.

Just 4 points where I thought that there was miss somewhere in the movie. Read below:

Neeru was in pain at one point in the film when she’s spying in some one’s house but the moment she steps out the entire pain vanishes. That’s not how pregnancy pains happen so the director could have carried on the medical emergency bit for maintaining continuity.

During the end Binnu is lying on the floor with his locket under him but on the camera Neeru expresses seeing her husband. Locket spy cam can definitely not project from under Binnu’s body can it??

The ending was a little abrupt or maybe could have been done in a better way. Canadian drug mafias aren’t so childish and I am sure about that. The police has in numerous ways of tracing criminals but here the cops seemed to be pretty helpless.

I was expecting to see Anita Devgn in the end and wanted to also see a bit of the good life after the miseries end.

I would recommend my readers to watch Channo Kamli Yaar Di with their family and kids because these kind of movies are actually worth watching for a quality time with ones family.

Overall I was happy with Neeru Bajwa’s production and off course that of her Mystery Man’s. Her acting has a unique cuteness to it which is always appreciable.

Watch our Interview with Neeru Below!

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