Punjabi Movie: Wake Up Singh - Its Now or Never Releasing on 26th February

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The upcoming movie 'Wake up Singh; is the story of a young boy who aspires to make Punjab a drug free state.

Wake up Singh is family drama movie about the increasing culture of drugs in youth of Punjab. Lead Gursevak Singh (Played by Gagandeep Singh) belongs to a religious upper class Sikh family who lives the life of an ideal son and is popular amongst this friends in college. His love Simran (played by Simply Singh) is an elegant girl and adds to glamor quotient of the movie. As story progresses, one of Gursevak’s friends gets into the habits of drugs supplied by one of the leading drug deals Bunty (played by Vikram Kumar). His addiction leads to his death and Gursevak is deeply disturbed and pledges to take revenge from Bunty by destroying all his drug selling points. During a gang war he looses his voice. The religious values and support from his father (played by Manmeet Singh) keep him going and he devotes his time for “sewa” in Gurudrwara.

Later the he is blesses by gurus and goes back to his mission of drug free Punjab. Movie is a family entertainment with a mix of religious family and modern values. The music keep the audience indulged in the movie.

Star Cast : Manmeet Singh | Gagandeep Singh | Simpi Singh | Vikram Kumar | Megha Sharma | Vicky survinder | Amrit Nandraa | Amrit Pal Singh Billa I Daman Preet kaur I Sherry I Sehaj .. Gaurav makker.. lavi singh.. Nagendar ghakker.. and renu mohali late Chander kalra

Music On : Yellow Music (P) Limited

This one is a family drama and here’s all that I know about the film:

1)Wake Up Singh is a full family entertainment flick with a social message.

2)This film deals with the misery of youth due to the drug menace in Punjab.

3)The film stars Manmeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Simpi Singh, Vikram Kumar, Megha Sharma, Vicky Survinder, Amrit Nandraa, Amrit Pal Singh Billa, Daman Preet Kaur, Sherry, Sehaj, Gaurav Makker, Lavi Singh, Nagendar Ghakker and Renu Mohali besides late Chander Kalra.

4)Gagandeep Singh’s onscreen character is named as Gursevak Singh who plays an ideal son belonging to a religious upper class Sikh family. He holds decent popularity in his college and has a lot of friends.

5) Simpi Singh plays the character of Gursevak’s love interest named Simran in the movie. Her presence builds up the glamour factor in the film.

6)The story takes a turn when one of Gursevak’s friends dies due to drug addiction.

7)The drug dealer named as Bunty in the film is played by Vikram Kumar. He supplies drugs to the youth very conveniently because of his internal links and therefore there is no stopping him.

8)Gursevak’s thirst of vengeance leads him to a situation where he loses his voice.

9)His father and supporter, played by Manmeet Singh, helps him get through the tough times.

10)This film is directed by Gagandeep Singh and the music has been composed by Mann Singh, Ankit Gupta and Yamanjeet Mangoli.

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