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The most interesting slot game themes


Slot games at Slotzo have come a long way since they first appeared on the market.

Original slot machine symbols were based on playing card faces and lucky charms, but because of gambling bans, these games were forced into taking on a different persona. This meant that they were camouflaged as non-gambling, sweet vending machines for many years.

Once the gambling bans were lifted, the fruits that replaced symbols associated with gambling remained on the reels giving birth to the term fruit machine. This became a slot theme that still exists today, but these slots are now better known as retro or classic slots which are considered themes in themselves. 

Modern Slots

In 1996 gambling moved online and fuelled a huge surge in the numbers of people choosing gambling as a major leisure activity. Slots quickly became the most popular offering at online casinos, and this meant that demand increased hugely. This kicked off a golden age in online video slot production. 

Today the market continues to grow and slot players have become accustomed to slots being based on some sort of theme. Slot creators look far and wide for inspiration when they plan new slot games, and this inspiration has become more and more concentrated on categorising slots into themes. 

The Most Popular Themes

Book-based slot games all have similar traits, yet they are still immensely popular with slot players. Book of Ra and Book of Dead are the two games attributed to kicking off the interest in book-themed slots. In these games, the book of the title acts as a wild symbol but also triggers the bonus round. 

Three or more books are needed to activate free spins that involve a symbol being chosen at random to act as an expanding symbol during the bonus spins. Interestingly, Book of Ra and Book of Dead cross themes because they are also based on ancient Egyptian culture which is a theme in itself. There have recently been further additions to the book craze and these also cross themes. Book of Christmas and Book of Halloween are book-based but are holiday-themed slots too. 

Films and TV

It was only a matter of time before film and TV became the biggest influencers on slot game developers and these forms of entertainment have become major slot themes in modern-day online gaming. Slot design houses can now afford to buy the rights to certain film and TV franchises and turn them into slot games. Slots based on film like Terminator 2, and the Goonies tend to attract a pre-existing fanbase to these games, and if the films or shows are huge hits, then the audience for the slot games are vast as well. 

Animal Themed Slots

Animals are visually interesting and appeal to both sexes and they make for some colourful and attractive slot games as well. Raging Rhino, Buffalo Blitz, Mega Moolah, The Doghouse, and Cats are just a small number of the interesting animal-themed slots out there that are regularly found at online casinos.


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