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Pros and cons of planning your vacation on wheels during COVID-19


COVID-19 situation, when people were locked in four walls, was difficult for everyone.

Probably families with children who were not used to learning from home or were just too young to understand why they didn't go for walks were especially affected here. It was stressful for pets too, especially for big dogs.

Perhaps in early 2020, no one suspected that things would turn out like this - cancellations of vacations, tickets, hotels, and the complete inability to plan anything properly. Of course, you have still many alternatives: firstly, you can cope with it and prefer some household hobbies to travel.

For example, you may read books, watch TV, or enjoy gambling at It is both entertaining and relaxing. But what do you need to do if you are exhausted from sitting at home and urgently need something new?

But what if again the cities or regions will be closed, and again everything will be canceled? That’s why vacationing with a house on wheels because of the coronavirus is gaining more and more popularity this year. So, a camper vacation is a great way to safely relax after all that and be outdoors. Of course, while respecting all safety precautions. After all, if you stay somewhere picturesque, you will want to go for a walk, explore a new beach or forest, or climb a mountain for a beautiful view.

What can happen when traveling with a motorhome during a coronavirus? 

When deciding to go on vacation during a global pandemic, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The world is in a pretty volatile situation right now, and no one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow. Even traveling with the house on wheels, hardly it is possible to be isolated from the world completely - after all, it is necessary to buy food. What can happen to you and what to do?

Physical Activity

We all know that movement is life, and you need to be active to feel good. And in times of coronavirus, this seems to be more relevant than ever. Traveling with a motorhome, it's easy to be active and to stay fit.

A chance to forget about the coronavirus

Such a vacation is a great way to take a rest and forget about coronavirus. Giving your brain a chance to rest is very important. At home on the TV, on the phone, on the computer, we somehow or others constantly get negative news. Parking your motor home somewhere on a picturesque lake, in silence with your family or a small company, you're unlikely to remember that there is a pandemic around the world, right?

Saving on vacation with a house on wheels

If you already have even a small and old minivan or minivan, you can always turn it into a cool house on wheels with your own hands and inexpensively. To install the basic things: a bed, a gas burner, and a hand basin with a canister of water will be cheaper than to go on vacation, even just the two of us. And for a family with children and even more so. 

The ability to get to remote places

There's nothing better than, in the height of tourist season, parking somewhere with no one around! It can be a beautiful beach or the mountains in winter. The main thing is that you are alone here, and all this beauty is just yours. And this applies to any travel all year round because no one has canceled interest in any kind of sights in any season.

You can get sick

This, of course, is a bad thing to do on vacation. But if you feel sick, you should seek medical attention. Being near major population centers is not difficult. But if you went on a trip to a far place from civilization, then problems can arise here.

You can be quarantined for 14 days

When you enter certain countries, regions, etc., there are rules for taking a covid test or quarantine for 14 days (or both). Accordingly, you have to be prepared to park in one place and not go anywhere. The same can happen if you get sick yourself, but do not need medical help. In order not to spread the virus further, you should isolate yourself by taking the necessary measures. 

You have to keep up with the news, so you don't get stuck in another country

As much as you want to completely disconnect from all this news, being outdoors, you still need to understand where you're going. Avoid regions with multiple covid outbreaks or countries where borders or regions are about to close. In this article, we have expressed our personal opinion and attitude about traveling with a camper or motorhome. 

In conclusion, it is always worth consulting with special services, doctors, etc. about the direction in which you are going to go, especially if it is far from home. You should find out if the borders are open if you have to pass tests and if there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine.