The HYPE Show EPISODE 090 - BluRRRRed Lines

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The word or title "Jatt" is all over the place. Why is it still being used in Punjabi music when it is not supposed to part of Sikhism? Who's responsible for this culture?

The Hype Podcast is hosted by E3 Entertainment based in Vancouver, Canada and Sukh from (UK). Each week they discuss the Bhangra/Punjabi music industry, with varying topics!

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china jatt
0 #2 RE: The HYPE Show EPISODE 090 - BluRRRRed Lineschina jatt 2016-04-07 07:23
thing is punjabi music is not parrt of sikhism its part of punjab these there is alot of songs about other castes like anakhi putt chamara de etc dumb canadians man
+1 #1 RE: The HYPE Show EPISODE 090 - BluRRRRed LinesTJ 2016-04-07 07:05
Jatt has become a trend word in the songs and many songs show that attitude and being the big caste thing, good show. Maybe do a show on the lyrics of the songs these days?

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