Bhangra Wars 2016 Official Statement

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Bhangra Wars 2016 Official Statement.

Bhangra Wars has become a household name amongst all bhangra fans as the 1st UK Competition to allow non-university bhangra teams to grace stages and express their love and passion for bhangra as an art form. To be entirely honest it has helped shaped UK Bhangra as to what it is today and due to its success gave rise to other competitions too.

Bhangra wars has been running successfully since 2011 and is now an internationally recognised event which has been featured in media worldwide creating positive success for all that have been involved. It is a non-profit event and relies on the generous sponsorship from business locally and nationally.

The event takes place almost every year however, it will not be taking place this year. There are a number of factors which have played a part. First of all a venue could not be secured taking into account the requirements and feedback from competing teams over the years. Also  a change in the committee has caused a slight delay.

Therefore we are currently looking for new committee members who will be able to actively run the competition from start to finish for 2017. If interested then please get in touch.

To replay Bhangra Wars head over to our YouTube channel and relive how UK Bhangra has grown into an amazing art form and will continue to do so with your support. - Home of Bhangra Online!