Jyoti & Sultana - Nooran Sisters - First UK Tour!

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 Two of the most talented artists of modern day sufi music will be performing live in concert at multiple venues for the first ever time in the UK. The UK will see the long awaited arrival of the most anticipated concert we have had yet!

Following in the footsteps of their grandmother Bibi Nooran, a renowned Punjabi sufi singer of her time in the 70’s; the extremely talented sisters have been mesmerising audiences across the world for the past 10 years.  Jalandar born, they epitomise the very essence of folk music. Their inhibited, rustic and strongly evocative traditions are held within the roots of Punjab and Sufism.

MTV coke studio showcased the talent of the amazing sisters by putting together the famous “Allah Hu” where they take over the stage with their strong, impactful voices and charismatic personalities as they perform the traditional Sufi song.

The sisters entered the Bollywood scene with their blockbuster track “Guddu Pataka” for which the music was composed by the music maestro A R Rahman. The sisters have countless hits to their names and continue to create music that makes you feel the essence of pure Sufism and perform in live concerts that transport you to a dream world.

The Nooran sisters will be performing in Birmingham at the Bethel Convention Centre (BCC) on Friday 27th November. The BCC is situated near the M5 and is considered as one of West Midlands modern venues with a fantastic concert experience.


The sisters will be performing in one of London’s most prestigious venues the Central Hall Westminster on Saturday 29th November. As central London’s largest conference venue, this Grade II listed building enjoys a prime location opposite Westminster Abbey and adjacent to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The venue is perfectly designed to house the breathtaking performance of the Nooran sisters with surroundings that will provide the perfect sufi experience.

All we want you the audience to do is to enjoy it and expect the unexpected. There are limited tickets available so get yours whilst there are some there!


Jyoti & Sultana - Nooran Sisters - London Central Hall Westminster

Jyoti & Sultana - Nooran Sisters - Birmingham Bethel Convention Centre

Come and join the the very talented sisters at their first live UK concerts and take unforgettable moments of excellence on stage away with you.



Harj or.
+2 #1 RE: Jyoti & Sultana - Nooran Sisters - First UK Tour!Harj or. 2015-10-13 05:36
These two are just the best seen them live before and it's just crazy. Their emotions and expression is just wow.

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