Indeep Bakshi & Kaydee Release Booty Shake

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After his 'Saturday Saturday', singer Indeep Bakshi has created another party song titled 'Booty shake' - Check out the video Here!

The song is written and composed by Bakshi, whose 'Saturday Saturday' was featured in Bollywood film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya. With 'Booty shake', he says he wanted to create a song that could work with a "cosmopolitan audience".

"I wanted to create something that has an international sound and also works with a cosmopolitan audience. The track 'Booty shake' caters to such needs. I make music to entertain people so that they can feel the last beat of it, which makes them forget everything and dance to my songs," Bakshi said in a statement. His effort is towards "creating different music all the time".

"Earlier, I used to be told that Punjabi music and house cannot mix, it doesn't sound good... but now it's the norm. Booty Shake is in pure Trap Music, a different genre which has been used to bring in some desi taste in the song to make the track peppier and party song like," he added.

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