Sevaqk's 'Preet Khoobsurat' Trap Remix

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Multi-genre Brit-Asian producer Sevaqk delivers his unique trap take on 'Preet' from the movie 'Khoobsurat'. Listen now!

Sevaqk is a young talented producer hailing from London. A British Sikh from East London, Sevaqk's musical journey began aged 6, when his dad bought him a Yamaha piano. The piano, which now sits proudly in his studio today, sparked a strong and unyielding thirst for music which has culminated in years of practice and learning.

Sevaqk first began making music in 2004, slowly expanding his sound and knowledge of music. Now an accomplished player of various instruments including; Grand piano, drum kit, harmonium, tumbi, guitar, dhol, dholki & tabla.

This multi-genre producer has a wide range of influences including Timbaland, Ryan Leslie, Gurdas Mann, Jr Rotem, Red One, Stargate, Diplo & Steel Banglez.

Over the last year he has been building his own team of artists, singers & songwriters whilst still working alongside Steel Banglez under the 'Supaheroz' music production team.

2015 will see him launch Sevaqk Roadshow to the masses.

Listen to the trap remix below