Introducing Christina Modhvadia

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Christina Modhvadia

Christina Modhvadia a 23 year old graduate in psychology is preparing herself as a finalist contestant for the Miss British Asian 2014.

The midland based model from Loughborough largely modelling for the Asian modelling industry believes that being a model has helped her develop confidence and self-belief within herself to take on new challenges in life.

She has appeared in numerous Asian wedding magazines, promotional work as well as appearing on the catwalk but this is her first time taking part in a beauty pageant.

Miss British Asian 2014 is a beauty pageant with a twist, vastly evolving the face of the industry with its modern outlook on a time old tradition that is taken part in all over the world in many different countries. It is one of very few events left in today's society, that brings all walks of life together to celebrate culture, differences, traditions and people.

Coming from an Asian Indian, one parent family background where her mother has always been the strong, independent,key character and an inspiration to her she therefore believes in the importance of a good role model. “I would love to have the opportunity to be an inspiration to other girlsand be able to take on the opportunity to be a great role model myself”. The title Miss British Asian will enable her to go on to represent and to be a respectable role model for other young girls. “With this responsibility I would like to use my title to promote and help issues regarding the Asian community and help to bring awareness to the cultural issuessurrounding it. I personally believe in and enjoy helping people, as seeing others happy gives me an inner sense of peace and positivity therefore I would love to use my title to make a difference to those that I can

Christina Modhvadia

The exotic olive skinned, dark haired beauty believes that every day is a new adventure and so values the importance of staying and keeping motivated, her secrete to this drive is simple as she believes in starting every morning with a regular active run for a refreshing start to the day as well as a revitalising effect on the mind and body. She believes in staying motivated and following ones dreams in life in whatever that may be. 

As a running finalist for the Miss British Asian title she has already began preparing herself by promoting the prestigious pageant via social media sites and feels privileged to be as a standing finalist for the title. She is greatly thankful for all the support she has received from her family and friends and would love to make them all proud.

The prestigious event Miss British Asian 2014 will be held at the Athena Leicester on Saturday 5th!

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