Maz Bonafide Reveals Solo Debut Single 'Jaan'

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Maz Bonafide gives us a sneak preview into his stunning forthcoming solo debut track 'Jaan'. This beautiful, romantic, Bollywood inspired track looks set to be one of the biggest love songs of 2014.

Maz is one half of the popular UK Asian duo 'Bonafide', hence the stage name 'Maz Bonafide'. This new song highlights his versatility, range and ability to switch from one genre to another effortlessly!

The accompanying video to 'Jaan' is nothing short of epic and brings a breath of fresh air and creativity to the UK Asian music industry. The video was shot entirely on location in Pakistan and features Pakistani drama actress and VJ 'Hina Sultan'.

Be prepared to witness this musical revolution...

'Jaan' releases on Thursday 31st July on the Naughty Sound Records label via iTunes and other digital stores.

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