National Geographic Channel to feature San2

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22 year old San2 gained global acclaim recently with his hit single ‘Nayo Lagda’. The Nottingham based marvel is back in the studio adding the final touches to his highly anticipated follow up track ‘Gal Sunja’.


News of San2’s talent has spread far and wide very quickly. Not only is he in huge demand for weddings and appearances but was recently approached by the Mumbai based television production company, Surabhi Foundation to feature in a documentary!

The series ‘Bridging Worlds’ is commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs of the Govt. of India and is likely to be aired on the National Geographic Channel in India next year.

The show looks at the Indian diaspora in the UK and their contribution to Britain and a segment of the programme delves into San2’s family history and his upbringing. It investigates where his love of music originated and how it has developed from his grandfather’s religious shabads to his father’s involvement in a bhangra band in the 90’s.

More news soon…


+2 #2 Realist. 2013-08-31 17:51
Shows how much having support from those in the industry/ BBC Radio helps to get you these deals...San2 is overhyped by those around him, he might have a musical background but his UK upbringing means that his singing is heavily accented...and textbook i.e. not natural

No hate to the guy but there are more deserving artists out there based on talent and how much hard work theyve put in the industry...San2 released one mediocre track, bought his own itunes copys, youtube views and got his friends on the radio to big him up!

But anyone in his spot would take up the offer so hes not doing anything'll just look wack when on TV...indians will probably find his singing amusing!
+5 #1 J0hnny 2013-08-30 23:41
Hope they know about his purchased youtube hits

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