Video: Sawan Main Lag Gayi Aag - Pinky Paras

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Pinky Paras re invented the song, Sawan Mai Lag Gayi Aag. Her version of the song too, was warmly received by all. Mika Singh himself was astonished for the manner in which the video was shot.

It was above normal standards. Earlier, it was revealed that Mika Singh himself gave her a thumbs up when she approached him for singing the female version of the song.

Pinky, settled in New York, has many offers and is between signing a contract. Her video was a huge success in the US and many recording companies are approaching her. A large chunk of the Indians abroad, have loved her version of Sawan Mai Lag Gayi Aag, and are requesting her to make a few more. She has been offered many Live shows in US itself.
The mother of three is thrilled at the response, her song has garnered.
The video was shot by Guru Sharma, famed for his aesthetic and creative style of direction.

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