UKShox (IMY) releases Irgaeeli (Come Back) Video

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After a long wait UKShox (IMY) is BACK more determined than ever, with his brand new exclusive single of 2013 Irgaeeli (Come Back), watch full video here!


Irgaeeli (Come Back) - Single - UKShox

He sings in various languages from Arabic to Punjabi to Hindi & Urdu, which is highly uncommon in many other artists around.

UKSHOX (IMY)is bound to leave his mark in the music industry with his unique style of singing. this single and music is different then my other work he has done before as music changes he has changed the style on this new single IRGAEELI which means COME BACK its a blend of RnB and mellow vocals in Arabic and Punjabi, the video was shot in London.