Saad Chishty to release Mausam

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Saad Chishty Mausam

"Mausam" is a song by American recording artist and entertainer Saad Chishty, to be released byIsland Def Jam Records (USA).

It is released as a maxi singlefeaturing cutting-edge remixes from the likes of Silent Source and Stan Kolev. The song is produced by Saad Chishty for Starlight Records LLC (USA), a subsidiary of Island Def Jam Music Group (USA).

Saad worked on the song for about 12 months as part of his collaboration efforts with various producers and sound engineers on previous work. The song has caused quite a storm in the industry as the title itself denotes with poignant American dance-popand contemporary musicinfluences.

The song features a verycatchy chorus, sophisticated arpeggios and a funky bass line bound to get your feet moving. Thelyrics describe a dark and raging storm building within. According to Saad, the song is primarily about complicationsin his own life resulting from paranoia and unforeseen circumstances, despite the lyrics' suggesting a love-struck restlessness of sorts.

The music video for Mausam was shot over a span of 2 months in the largest sand desert of the world capturing the full force of powerful sandstorms. Saad is cited saying “I wanted the video to be cinematic and distinctive. I wanted it to have a proper beginning, climax and ending conveying something different from the norm.

The video is a reflection of my inner battle with paranoia.” The song has an upbeat tempo of 130 beats per minute. The lyrics and sound effects on "Mausam" pertain to one’s aggression and inner battle.

Throughout the song, sound effects such as a thunder, gusting winds and the screeching of hawks can be heard.Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to experience Saad’s raging storm, Mausam.