Culture Shock Trio release 'Raise Your Hands'

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The Culture Shock Trio, Sunny Brown, Baba Kahn and Lomaticc, are ready to give their fans the first of a string of new singles. After releasing 3 consecutive Dubs (When Did You Know, Hope and Somebody) the trio are releasing a signature Urban Desi Fusion track with “Raise Your Hands”.

“It has been a long year for us as we continued to distance ourselves from the label and get back to finding the inspiration for producing our trademark music. It sounds cliché but our fans really did get us through the year and it was their enthusiasm and energy at shows, on our facebook, on our twitter that had us back in the studio day and night. We have enough for two albums LOL! So get ready for an onslaught of new Culture Shock music. To our fans we salute you for your support; we raise our hands to you.” – Baba Kahn

Raise Your Hands is a gritty hip hop beat supporting the smooth R&B flow of Lomaticc and the harder hitting Punjabi Vocals of Sunny Brown.

“Raise Your Hands is just a pure simple party track. Our fans put us in such a good headspace we were having so much fun at live shows and it translated to our studio sound. Just turn it up and raise your hands!” –Lomaticc

“We’ve continued touring, we’ve continued making music and to have the opportunity to perform in front of 150 000 people in Times Square NYC – which by the way we used for our single artwork, was a dream come true. Now we are setting our sights on India and Pakistan so get ready for Culture Shock!” – Sunny Brown



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The Guys are back!!

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