Deana Uppal to work with Siddharth Bhardwaj!

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Former Big Brother star DEANA UPPAL has signed her THIRD BOLLYWOOD film role alongside former BIG BOSS reality star SIDDHARTH BHARDWAJ!

The duo are set to start filming early next week in JAIPUR, INDIA, with the film scheduled to release early 2014. The film is a comedy, where Deana plays a happy go lucky funny girl.

‘Life Non Veg’ is the THIRD Bollywood Blockbuster that the model, turned actress has signed for and there are more films in the pipe-line for the 24 year old starlet .

Deana said " I have been mega busy since leaving the house, not that I am complaining as I feel very blessed with the many opportunities that have arisen both in the UK and in India."

Former Miss India Deana added, "I have shot 2 films earlier this year and this is my third, all of which will be releasing early next year which I am really excited about. I have had an amazing time over here, working with a number of fantastic directors and very talented actors that I have learned a great deal off.

Each of the films are very different in their genres and I play characters that are very different from the next, so it will give the public the chance to see me in a different light .In one of the films , that I have just shot, I play quite a seductive role, so it will be interesting to see the reaction that I receive from the film. She was a fun character to play! very much out of my comfort zone but it gave me a chance to further my acting abilities ."

With 3 films under her belt already and plenty more in the pipeline the future looks positively bright for the Brit – Born youngster.