Avina Shah releases 'Aao Na' video

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Since the release of her charity debut single ‘Tere Bina’, followed by the fun dance track ‘Dil Deweena’, Avina Shah has been performing at events across the globe. She is now back with her brand new single ‘Aao Na’, a romantic love song, yearning for someone that is not in your life anymore and wanting to reunite with them for just one more night.

‘My new song is very different to my other releases; it’s a deep and meaningful ballad, very dreamy, very wishful. It’s a very different kind of love song this time, I think it’s something a lot of people will be able to relate to’. Said Avina

The music video has been filmed in Los Angeles, California at the Malibu El Matador Beach, which has been a popular shooting location for many singing artists such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears.

Her versatile vocal ability and performances have led her to gaining nationwide and international support from the public as well as leading Asian Radio stations and TV channels that have aired her songs extensively. This has led her to be a successful part of the UK and worldwide music scene. Due to the unique signature sound of her music, which fuses together Avina's melodious Hindi vocals with western style music; she has expanded her listenership across continents with thousands of fans and followers from an extensive range of cultures and musical backgrounds.

Having gained her intense cultural vocal and music training in India, her talent has taken her across the globe to locations within Europe, Africa, US, Far East and the Middle East, where she has lent her vocals to external music projects as well as performing as a professional singer.

Avina, who strives to show no shortcomings in her music, plans to do more meaningful songs and has a few surprises up her sleeve in the near future.